Those who want to enjoy all the beauty and weather summer offers will find that updating your space with the perfect daybed and accessory furniture will help you enjoy the season whether you are entertaining or on staycation.

Skyline Design has many options to make both outdoor and indoor space dreams come true. The primary centerpiece of any room is typically the largest furniture piece. That proves true with Skyline Design collections because its daybeds easily take your breath away.

About Skyline Design

For those not familiar with the company, Skyline Design specializes in luxurious outdoor furniture. The international company, whose North American headquarters is in South Florida, distributes to 50 countries. It uses the highest quality materials in its furniture like ViroTM, Raucord by Rehau, and Ecolene and Polystrand. The result is the best lightweight, weather-resistant furniture with innovative design.

The best part about Skyline Design furniture is that it is so creative and fashionable, it could easily be used for a master bedroom as well as on the patio. This would be a perfect way to bring the outdoors in, create a permanent beach themed bedroom retreat or use it to conjoin a ground-level bedroom that opens onto a patio.

Skyline Design Moonlight Bed Daybed

The Moonlight Bed Daybed makes for the perfect adult canopy bed that is a full bed with a woven circular canopy frame. It can be paired with a Halo Wing Chair or two armchairs with tables on each bedside for a bedroom combination to enjoy the night views or a cocktail before dinner.

This exclusive furniture from Skyline Design is of such quality that it could feasibly be used in a master bedroom. Picture the Moonlight Bed Daybed as the centerpiece of a bedroom with walls the color of the ocean, facing French doors to an open patio. A dresser from the Opal storage collection is against the wall and a gorgeous contemporary chandelier hangs from the middle of the room. A storage cabinet is on the other wall with armchairs from the Windsor Modelular Living Collection and a coffee table near a window. Beach art and green plants complete the room.

Halo Wing Chair from Skyline Design

The Halo Wing Chair from Skyline Design can come alone but also comes as a set of three with an additional padded bench. The spectacular part about this set is it can be pulled apart to create sofa seating with the bench as an ottoman or pushed together to create a full circular bed with the padded bench adding the extra length. You could add a couple of outdoor poof stools and a table from the Brafta Seashell collection to create an entertainment area that will wow all your family and friends.

This makes for a great luxury daybed option for summer where you need to utilize space for guests. While it is an awesome poolside element that will be sure to command attention, it also makes for a great way to decorate a guest room where you can use it for additional seating or entertaining.

The color options of the Halo Wing set allow for choices in a room where they would be featured. Greens, blues and sunset colors are the perfect choices for a backdrop in a room with this set. Complete the room with a luau bar with a Journey Bar Set, a chaise lounge, and Hawaiian art that makes it the place to be during a staycation.

Cubed Daybed Set by Skyline Design

Those who are a bit out-of-the-box in their creativity would love the Cubed Daybed set by Skyline Design. This is a canopy style bed without the canopy. This luxury bed has a woven cube design with cut circles in the design that provides some poolside privacy but also offers much whimsey in a master bedroom. Either way, you can pair it with a chaise lounge, an armchair or even a sofa with a coffee table from the Windsor modular living collection.

This cubed daybed makes for excellent sofa seating as it has more than enough space for the whole family. Plus, it is sturdy because it is made with flat frame material. There are some color options as well, so it is sure to fit within your decor scheme. You can add a sofa from the Brafta Silver Walnut Collection with a lot of high-punch colorful pillows to make for a standout area both inside or out.

Heri Hanging Chair and Journey Hanging Chair

You may be tempted to put the cubed daybed in a corner for a bedroom, but that would be a waste because it was meant to be front and center. If you wanted to make a statement with additional seating, you could add with the Heri hanging or Journey hanging chair. For a solid piece, the Brando sofa living chair or the Windsor chaise lounge is the perfect addition.

Strips Four Poster Daybed

Those who prefer a more traditional canopy bed would adore the Strips Four Poster daybed. This silver walnut bed has a woven headboard and curtains on the four posts. It would look stunning with a twin or triple Opal sideboard, and additional Opal storage pieces like the chest or the upright storage.

People who want a touch of modern elegance for their master bedroom or patio would like the Strips Round Daybed or the Brisham Daybed. The differences are both in shape and design. With the Strips daybed, the base is a woven silver walnut design while the Brisham daybed is a break-away sectional that can either be a large round bed or break into two sofas, two bench seats with a center coffee table.

Sparta Lounge Set

Another excellent sofa option is the Sparta Lounge Set. This is a two-piece custom-built set using an original design that incorporates a woven crescent feature with seating. As with all of Skyline Design’s furniture of this type, the set is adaptable and can be featured as two separate sofas or conjoined with linking seating, making it a U-shaped seating area.

A coffee table like what is found in the Chatham Collection can be placed for the middle, so everyone can enjoy drinks and talk while feeling the summer breeze. The Sparta Lounge Set can also be complemented with some additional tables from the Brafta Seashell Collection and a Flex armchair makes for a complete arrangement.

Those who want some outdoor dining space have a few options. The Venice White dining set features crisp white and wood options while the Journey dining set has woven designed dining furniture.

Luxurious Outdoor Furniture Built to Last

You will enjoy the quality of this furniture as well. The synthetic fibers not only are part of bold design, but they also provide for safe furniture that is UV and chemical resistant. It is all-weather proof and high-tensile strength as well. The bonus in owning this furniture is that is it also environmentally friendly and 100 percent recyclable. This makes furniture from Skyline Design a worthwhile investment you will enjoy for years to come.

Additionally, Skyline Design offers customer services with its long-lasting quality and innovative design as part of its international brand. It will provide a touch of exotic to your home that offers a lot of function and style.

These luxurious items make for a resort look that pitches perfect for a staycation. With a space like this, you may never want to leave your home.  For more luxury outdoor furniture, including Skyline Design, visit Venicasa.com.