Although choosing the right floor for your home might be a big task, you would be halfway to finding the right one when you narrow down your options and preferences. You can start by selecting carpets vs. floorboard options at your disposal which match your home style.

If you have problems identifying the flooring that go well with the house design and other house elements, you can continue reading this piece to learn more. You will choose the best flooring that meets your personal needs after exploring both the carpet and floorboards’ pros and cons.


Cleanliness must be among the essential elements that you consider when choosing flooring options. The floorboards these days are easy to clean as you wipe and let it dry and are highly resistant to spills, water and dirts. The flooring boards are family-friendly, especially for people with little children and pets, which could muddy the floor. Moreover, it might be the best choice if you love wine as it would not get wine stains from the stains. To clean the floorboards, you will use steamy mobs with anti-bacterial detergents that kill all the germs. Moreover, they dry within no time, leaving the floor clean; however, it would be wise to let the floor dry thoroughly first to avoid slippery falls.

On the other hand, carpets could absorb spills, thus forming stains that require professional cleaning. Moreover, they might retain dust and bacteria as it is not easy to wipe them like floorboards. Although the carpets’ micro-bacteria would not be visible, they might cause infections and allergies if you are prone to allergic reactions.


Although the floorboards are cleaner, they are colder than the carpets, and you will not wish to step on them during chilling weather. Although you would find comfortable and warm floorboards, carpets are cozier and keep the house warm even in cold seasons. Moreover, the carpets are soft, and you will free comfortable stepping on them compared to the floorboards.

Not only are carpets physically warmer and softer to step on than the floorboards, they are also visually warmer than floorborads. So depending on the interior design of your house, carpets could really set the tone of the room by lighting it up or tuning the colour down. Some of the very popular carpet colours are among the Godfrey Hirst Eco+ carpet range. Find out more about the carpets here.


Floorboards produce a lot of noise, especially if you live in a multistorey building; you hear commotion noise in the rooms above you. However, high-quality floorboards have soundproof technology, and when buying them, it could be prudent to check if they are soundproof.

On the other hand many carpets such as the Godfrey Hirst carpet range absorbs sound quite well. Sometimes you can even notice someone walking on the carpet floor.


You will find a stylish Godfrey Hirst carpet that is adorable, but at the same time, the natural woodgrain floorboards might win your heart. The supple sheen newly polished wooden floor might match the comfort of soft carpets. In comfort, both flooring types would tie in the score, and you will have to choose one that matches your personality.


Carpets are cheaper than floorboards, they have little installation costs, and the materials might be cheaper than wooden slabs. However, you will note that the floorboards will last for generations if properly maintained. The short-term cost of the floorboards will be higher, and their longevity depends on care routine; otherwise, they might be a cheaper option in the long run as the carpets will need frequent replacement.

Other Flooring Options like Laminate Floors

A third flooring option that you can consider for your home is the laminate floor, which resembles the natural hardwood floor. It is water-resistant and does not harbor bacteria, dust, and dampness. It will be less costly compared to the floorboards and offer similar qualities, but they do not last long as they wear out in a short time. They add value to your home at an affordable cost.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing the floorboards, carpets, and laminate advantages and limitations, it will be easier for you to decide on the flooring that suits your home style, design preference and just personal taste. However, if you have a problem making a choice, you can enjoy both of the floorboards and carpeting options.

You might opt to have carpets for the bedroom that keeps the room warm and stylish and have floorboards in the living room and the kitchen. Floorboards would be suitable for high traffic areas like the kitchen as they are hardy and easy to clean. You can consult other family members on the styles they could love in their rooms and contact a flooring expert to assess the carpet or floorboards’ quality before installing it in your home.