Have you recently purchased a new house in the vibrant city of Pakenham, Victoria? Yes? Well, that’s great news! But before you shift to your new home, it is absolutely essential for you to know that this particular state of Australia has a very low level of groundwater and hence, people who are dwelling in Pakenham or any other city of Victoria suffers a lot from water scarcity. Yes, you read that right!  So, what’s the solution? Well, the government has given various solutions to the residents of Pakenham, Victoria. But, out of all the solutions they have provided, the one that has managed to stand out is conservation of rainwater.

Thinking why the concept of rainwater conversation has become popular? Well, it is solely because this entire process is quite easy and affordable. For storing or conserving rainwater, all you’ll have to do is purchase rain water tanks in VIC, preferably the ones made of polyethylene since it is durable, available in various shapes and sizes, low-priced, easy-to-install, etc.

Generally, most of the people living in Victoria purchase rainwater tanks so that they can use it for various household work such as flushing toilets, cleaning utensils, gardening, washing clothes, cars, etc. But there are many other ways in which you can use the tank.

To know more, keep reading.

  • Use it for Farming

Are you thinking of creating a farm or already have one just beside your new house? If yes, then I’m sure that you are aware of the fact that you’ll have to use gallons of water to nurture and cultivate the crops, which in return would obviously increase your water bills, as well as reduce the water level in your groundwater reservoir. However, there’s nothing to worry because rain water tanks in VIC are to your rescue. You can simply purchase these tanks, store rainwater and then, utilize it for crop cultivation or farming.

Since you’ll be using this tank for farming, you’ll have to purchase a few additional accessories such as a farm irrigation pipes, sprinkler nozzles, etc.

  • Use it to Start Pisciculture!

Well, it is absolutely true that rainwater tanks can be used as a mini pool for Pisciculture. So, if you are really looking forward to raising fishes and sell them once they grow, or if you are one of those people who love fishes and want to create a tiny, inexpensive pool eco-system, then you can simply create a miniature self-sustaining aquarium in a poly rainwater tank.

Additional Suggestion: Along with raising fishes, there’s another thing that you can do and that is growing a few water plants in the tank. What? You feel that’s next to impossible? Well, then I’m sure that you are unaware of aquaponics, a system of aquaculture, in which the waste produced by the fishes that are growing in your tank will supply the nutrients to the aqua plants that are grown hydroponically; and this in return would purify the water.

  • Use it as an Emergency Water Barrel

According to a research, fire accidents are one of the most common hazards that take place in Victoria. And to cope with such accidents, what most of the homeowners do is they either call the fire brigade or simply purchase and keep portable fire extinguishers and expensive ceiling alarms-cum-water sprinkler in their house. But, when you have a rainwater tank, you don’t need anything else. Just connect it to a super-force hose pipe and extinguish the areas of your house that are set on fire.

So now that you know about the different ways in which a rain water tank from VIC can be used, waste no more time and invest in one as soon as possible.

But yes, do not buy it from a random company. Please make sure you purchase it from a company that is popular in your city or the overall state, provides a warranty on the tanks (at least a 15-year warranty) and of course, sells Rain Water Tanks VIC at a very reasonable price. For more details on tanks, please keep following my blogs.