Moving to a new apartment can be an excellent opportunity to start fresh. Even if you don’t own your apartment, it doesn’t mean you can no longer decorate and make it feel like home. With a few decorating ideas, you can make a boring place into a welcoming home. These minor changes will also allow you to personalize your space without doing anything permanent. Here are some essential tips you should consider when designing your apartment before you move.

  1. Light fixtures – If you want to add your own style to your new apartment, it’s best to replace light fixtures throughout the place. Walk around your space and swap ugly light fixture with a chandelier or a glam flush mount. The changing of lightings, for instance, should be done a few days or weeks before your actual move-in date. Doing so will help you ease the entire process.
  2. Wall art – Even if you have to patch holes in the wall on your move out day, hanging a wall art can give your space a personal feel. The best way to do is a gallery wall. It includes the arrangement of drawings, prints, and photographs. However, before you create a gallery wall, ask your landlord if it’s okay to use nails on the walls. If you’re not allowed, consider a less permanent option like adhesive wall mounts.
  3. Removable wallpapers – Relocating to a new apartment means you may not be allowed to paint its walls. That said, try removable wallpapers which are easy to put and non-damaging to the painted surface. Give your walls some personal touches by using print you love or bold patterns, creating an accent wall in your bedroom or living room.
  4. Houseplants – Are you looking for a welcome sight in your new apartment? If yes, adding plants can be a perfect option. Remember, houseplants gives your place a warm and refreshing look. If you can’t use a plant alive, you can opt for some fake plants instead. If you’ve used some existing counterfeit plants in your previous home, check with the professional moving company if they can transport them to your new apartment.
  5. Bookshelves – Another decorating tip you can consider is the bookshelves. In most cases, they can be used to divide up spaces such as the living area from the bedroom. To transform your dead space into a cozy one, use bookcases that allow light to pass through. Also, find time to feature exciting pieces on the shelves to keep your apartment look airy and bright.
  6. Flooring – If you’re about to move into a place with lousy flooring, covering it up is the only way to get rid of it. Lay down a large area rug or even a carpet that covers your entire floor. It can be a practical solution to hide a flooring eyesore and make your place a comfortable one.


Before you move, try to be creative in making your new apartment a refreshing one. Don’t settle for the same old space by using some old stuff as home decorations. Keep these items with you and ask professionals like Movers NYC to transport them safely to your new apartment. Lastly, follow these decorating tips to create a home you’ll surely love.