Marble that was formed millions of years ago becomes a precious stone. It is a metamorphic rock composed of calcium carbonate and it consists of different colour variations due to the impurities found inside the Earth. It is a unique aspect of nature and no two marble slabs can be similar. Every marble slab has veins in it and the more the veins, the better-quality marble it is. These veins occur due to the different mineralogical composition. It is a timeless expression of nature, where the flaws are celebrated.

Generally, people are attracted towards marble due to its grandeur and beauty. Therefore, for a kitchen renovation, marble benchtops are an excellent choice. However, it is expensive, and many modern manufacturers replicate marble slabs through other materials to get that same look at a lesser cost. Marble benchtops are ideal for bathrooms, offices, fireplaces – areas where they do not get used roughly.

Properties of Marble Bench Tops:

Marble is an excellent stone available in nature. It is both aesthetic and durable. Its nature is such that it is porous which calls for proper and regular maintenance. In case any acidic liquid falls on it, then removing the stain becomes difficult if not dealt immediately, with precision. However, soap and water are sufficient for cleaning marble.

It is best to engage specialists while installing benchtops made of marble so that damage can be prevented while cutting the stone and transporting it since it is a soft stone.

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Types of Marble Available:

  • Calacatta marble: It is a rare and premium marble used for making benchtops. It shows brilliant whites with grey veining that is accentuated by golden hues.
  • Carrara marble:  This is a more affordable species of the Calacatta marble.  It is clearer than the latter and is less porous as well. Therefore, stains and scratches do not stay for long. It is economical also.
  • Arrabescato vagli: This type of marble has not been able to gather as much fame as the other two types, but it is equally beautiful. It exemplifies stunning depth and character. However, as far as finance is concerned, it is not as pricy as Calcatta and not as economical as Carrara. It possesses dark and stunning veins.

Transformation of Marble Benchtops:

Granite transformations give exclusive marble-look bench tops that look stunning and attractive. It provides a timeless surface combining the elegant beauty of marble along with the durability of engineered stone. This prevents the bench top from any further demolition. Due to its affordability, durability and scratch and stain proof nature, many people prefer this as an alternative to marble benchtops, especially in kitchens.

Advantages of Marble Bench Tops:

  • Since marble is a metamorphic rock it is subjected to immense heat and pressure. This creates a crystalized appearance in it. Due to its pure white color, it looks even more attractive and therefore makes beautiful benchtops.
  • Marbles are available in different hues. It comes in black and white and sometimes green due to the presence of greenish veins. No two marble slabs look the same and this gives it more aesthetic power. The veins also come in rose, yellow and grey. This makes the marble more lucrative and increases its demand worldwide.
  • Marble is generally heat-proof and therefore can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and even to surround the fireplace. However, one should not place a pot directly from the stove on the slab.
  • Although marble is a soft stone it possesses immense durability.
  • Marble is a natural product that remains cool and helps to absorb the heat.
  • Finally, marble enhances workability due to its cold and smooth texture.

These are some of the benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you consider installing marble benchtops for your kitchen.