Interior designers know the importance of the kitchen. Of course, homes are designed to impress inspire guests. This is why so much detail is given to the living room and entryway. We all want to wow our guests. But, the kitchen is more than a stylish room where meals are shared. The kitchen is the heart of a home.


If you are selling your house or remodeling, great cabinets, countertops, and floors in the kitchen will be scrutinized. Cabinet builders have long recommended Shaker cabinets. These cabinets are strong and they are easy to customize. First created in the late 1800s, they were built by a religious group. They believed in strong and sturdy furniture. They have clean lines and they go with any decor, this is why RTA cabinets are still in production today.

Kitchen remodel raises the resell value of your home by an average of $20,000. If you add the options of high-end appliances, sinks, and floors, you can expect an ROI (return on investment) between 52% and 60% over your expenses.

Before you begin

The magic of having a stunning kitchen begins well before the cabinets are installed. This is when you select the custom interiors. This is when you mentally picture how the finished cabinets will make cooking easier. This is where you create your brand with special touches that you come up with and builders turn into reality. Get more information here:

The outside of your cabinets makes your kitchen look good. But, what is inside the kitchen cabinets is what makes them functional.

Finishes and hardware

As in the pictures above, cabinets can be more than one color. It is a good idea to use light colors to make the kitchen look bigger, If you need more color, select the upper cabinets in one color and the lower cabinets in a color of your choice. To blend the color and white, use granite or marble to bring a modern twist.

Opt to replace wooden doors for glass. Have your cabinet builder place verticle plate holders so you can stage your dinnerware. Slide out rows fit nicely in wasted space, such as the opening between the cabinets and appliances. You can slide these out and have your spices at hand. The top of your hide-away cabinet is fitted with hooks. You can hang measuring spoons and cups. Oven mitts, spatulas, wooden spoons, and other things you use on a regular basis are right at your fingertips.


You may varnish your cabinets to a shiny finish, or paint them to keep up with current trends. Whatever you decide, you will need to select a metal to enhance your cabinets. Brass drawer pulls, and handles gives your cabinets a chic look. There are other metal finishes that bring a glorious shine to the room. Try polished, stainless steel. Place decorative pots and pans on an overhead work station.


The light colors in the kitchen make it look spacious. Light makes a big difference. Allow the natural light to come in through the windows. Place light blinds on the windows that are easy to close for privacy.

Install lights under the cabinets. They give a pretty glow on your counters. They also give you light to prepare food and read recipes.


Your pantry is the most convenient cabinet. There is enough room to add wire dish racks and doubling the space. Use baskets to hold items like snacks and keep them from getting pushed around and buried. Wire baskets mounted to the inside door lets you organize plastic wrap, foil, and wax paper. Organize a high (higher than a child can reach) shelf to place small appliances that you will not use every day. This prevents you from searching for the power cords and digging through cabinets looking for a single small appliance.


Your kitchen will look amazing. More importantly, it will be efficient, making your job much easier.  Designing your kitchen with every member of the family in mind is brilliant. Baskets with healthy snacks for the children are within reach. Kitchen tools are at your ready. You will find your kitchen is a great investment financially and a great place to gather your family over a wonderful meal.