Here Are Some Reasons Your Denver House May Need A Makeover

In Denver and Colorado, one of the best things you can do for your house is to replace its windows.

A top-quality window replacement adds beauty, security, and value to your home… and if you find a professional window replacement company that deals in locally-made Amerimax vinyl windows, you’ll do your house a favor that will last for years.

Here are some of the main reasons your neighbors are making the decision to replace their windows these days:

  • The windows are damaged.  Poor-functioning windows can cause your home to leak energy.  If you can’t open a window to take advantage of a nice summer breeze (or close it to keep out the heat or smoke from western wild fires), it’s time to replace it.
  • They’re faded and hard to see through.  You want to be able to enjoy the fantastic scenery we’re blessed with in Denver and Colorado!  Replace windows when they become faded or discolored, or when they’re difficult to see through.
  • Risk of intrusion.  If your windows aren’t really secure, your home is at risk – and so is everything (and everyone) in it.  Replace windows that make your home look like an easy mark for bad guys… and don’t forget possible intrusion by insects and other pests!
  • Your energy bills are too high.  A great way to save energy is to make sure your windows and sliding glass doors are well sealed and energy-efficient.  Many of your neighbors are realizing substantial savings of energy (and money) as a result of a quality window replacement project.
  • You’re looking to sell your home.  Nothing pumps up your house’s “curb appeal” faster than replacing ugly, worn-out windows with beautiful new Amerimax vinyl products.  And buyers will appreciate the many other benefits, too (especially the energy efficiency of the new windows).
  • You’re looking to keep your home, and enjoy it more!  If your windows are ugly and faded, you might want to replace them for your own benefit!  Don’t let yourself be embarrassed when the neighbors drop by, or when you’re hosting company from out-of-town (especially during the holidays).
  • Hail, wind, or other Colorado weather leaves you with no other choice.  Around here, Mother Nature sometimes sends you a perfect opportunity (and unavoidable need) to give your home a face lift… you may need new siding or a new roof… and, after one of our fierce local storms, you may need attractive (and functional) new windows, too.

The Right Replacement Makes All The Difference

When it’s time to do your house a favor – to replace the windows and sliding glass doors – you can do your home (and yourself) an even bigger favor by choosing Colorado-made windows.

Windows manufactured at lower altitudes and shipped to Colorado are prone to lots of problems simply due to the change in elevation.  The gases between panes (crucial for your window’s insulating ability) expand and contract when the product is moved between altitudes, and that spells trouble: windows can warp, or even break, just because they’re shipped from a lower altitude.

Speaking of our elevated status here in Colorado, we’re closer to the sun… and that means more harsh UV rays for your windows to withstand.  Windows made in Colorado are made for Colorado, including being designed to protect your home and its contents from the bright (but intense) Rocky Mountain sunshine.

And don’t forget Mother Nature!  Windows manufactured elsewhere are not likely to be designed and built to withstand the kind of weather challenges we see here in the Denver area.  Hail… high winds… precipitation that can pound your windows from the side… we get it all here in Colorado.  And you’ll want replacement windows that can handle it all.

Your windows will “tell” you when it’s time to replace them.  Make sure you’re paying attention!  If your home needs more beauty, warmth (or coolness), energy efficiency, or security, talk to your professional window replacement company about giving your house a face lift with locally-made vinyl windows specifically designed for Colorado homes.  It’s a decision you’ll feel good about for years to come.