Now that the warm weather is behind us it’s time to welcome autumn with open arms. Many people see summer as the only time that you can get out into the garden, but that isn’t the case at all. If you have a greenhouse in your garden or allotment, then you can continue to grow your favourite items all year round. Continue reading to find out just how you can utilise your greenhouse this autumn and how to maintain your gardening success throughout the months that follow.

The Right Equipment

One of the tricky things about autumn is the uncertainty in the weather. Autumn can throw anything from Indian summers to drastic storms at us, so it’s always good to be prepared and ready for any temperatures. Having the right equipment in your greenhouse will really help you in being successful with your projects, so now is the time to invest in the essentials. With so many greenhouse essentials available on the market, the following list narrows it down to just a few the must-have products.

  • Bio Green Frosty Propane Gas Heater – Two Wests
  • Smart Greenhouse Lighting – Postscapes
  • Top Tier Staging Shelving – Wayfair
  • Storage Labels – ETSY

Having the right equipment is going to help you get the very most out of your greenhouse this autumn, as the last thing you want is to leave it standing empty and unused throughout the colder seasons.

What to Grow

Autumn is a great time to focus on growing items that are going to see you through the winter. For example, growing your own herbs such as parsley and chives will give you access to a continuous supply of herbs to use in your cooking throughout the winter and into the spring/summer months. You can also look at growing items such as lettuce and spinach, as these are ideal for greenhouse growing and will be ready when the spring arrives and you’re wanting more salad options for dinner. Growing your own veg and herbs is a great way of saving money, whilst putting your gardening skills to good use.

Spring Essentials

Whilst it may be autumn, it’s time to start planning for spring and think about which bulbs you can plant to ensure your garden is bright and beautiful in the new year. The best spring bulbs to plant in your greenhouse during autumn are daffodils and tulips. Both of these lovely plants are ideal for bringing a touch of life to your garden during the spring, so you want to get them set up and ready to grow over the next few months. Bringing your tulips and daffodils into the greenhouse will encourage an early bloom, which is perfect for the springtime.

Maintain the Space

Working in a clean, tidy greenhouse is going to improve the way you work as well as the results you achieve. It’s no secret that working in a messy, untidy space is the worst for motivating you, so you need to ensure your space is well maintained, cleaned frequently and looked after properly. Every time you enter your greenhouse, be sure to ensure everything is neat before you get started on the day’s tasks. Similarly, when leaving at the end of the day, make sure everything is back where it belongs, wash any items you’ve made dirty and wipe down the sides/floor to remove any excess soil or dirt that may have gathered whilst you were busy doing your work. You’ll find that it’s much more enjoyable spending time in your greenhouse, whether that’s working or simply planning your next project, when the space around you is neat and clean. If you’re unsure on how to keep the area neat due to so many products in different shapes and sizes, take a look at your local garden centre for some handy storage items to help keep everything in the right place. You’ll be amazed just how much maintaining a clean and tidy greenhouse improves your work and mindset!