Playing around with home décor is a rewarding activity. With a deft touch here and a thoughtful addition there, you can change the entire personality of the living space. Rugs have been around for a long time and any connoisseur of style will appreciate a good, thick hand-woven rug. Let us explore some of the easy ways to style your home with rugs.

A Beautiful Way to Section Rooms 

If you have a large room and you want to define the sections, rugs are a very effective tool. Maybe you want to create a living area that is distinct from the library section in the same room, place a rug in the designated corner and add some furniture around it. Voila! Now you can sip on your chamomile tea in peace while admiring your Akira Kurosawa DVD collection across the room.

The Base for your Color Scheme

A lovely rug in the middle of the room can be a perfect base for your entire color scheme. You can use contrasting hues or complementary shades based on the design and tones of your rug.

Apart from being the base, the rug can also be a moderator to achieve the perfect balance. Is your wallpaper screaming ornate detail? Get a rug with minimal patterns to juxtapose the walls. A dark rug for light-toned upholstery creates depth in the room.

Enjoy the Texture

The rug is a multi-dimensional design element. Texture plays an important part when you add a rug to your home. A rug suggests warmth and coziness. If you have a lot of vertical space to fill, hang a rug as a wall element.

Classic Rug Design Ideas

You can do a lot with neutral tones without compromising on the rug detail. Nothing speaks sophistication like handspun wool and a thick-textured weave in beige with intricate patterns. Traditional and floral designs are a timeless décor element for any home. For a classic touch, you can add some luxurious rugs with royal ornate motifs. Samad Rugs boasts the Sovereign Collection, a selection of rugs inspired by the splendor and texture of rugs and tapestries found in palaces and courts. The rug retailer also has the famous Presidential collection – designs inspired by neo-classical aesthetics. A conversation starter is what you have if you add some of these regal designs to your home.

Basic Rug Care

A rug pad is always a good idea. It prevents your expensive rug from sliding and wearing down due to friction with the floor. It also helps in keeping the rug clean. If you are placing your rug on carpeted flooring, a rug pad prevents color staining from the rug on the carpet in case liquid is spilled in the area.

You can make your rug last a long time and preserve its original color and designs with a few simple steps. Vacuum regularly and keep your expensive rug away from places of high foot traffic. If you have invested a lot in your hand-woven traditional rug, it is wise to keep it in a shoe-free zone.

A good rug tells a many a story. From motifs inspired by legends of the old world to techniques passed down generations, it can be an integral piece of your home. Relish this wonderful addition and keep it in good shape with the recommended steps.