Interior Design

If you have a creative streak that you implement in your own interior decorating, you probably know how satisfying it is to envision a look and feel for a room, get your ideas down on paper, and see the project through to completion. When you are decorating your home, you have a picture in your mind of the beauty of the final product, the atmosphere you will develop, and the wow factor your ideas will have on your guests.

There is nothing like the feeling you get when the project is finally done, and you can relax and enjoy the masterpiece you have created. You may find that you have a passion for using your talent to help others who envision luxury interior design for their own homes, but they lack the ability or the time to make it happen on their own. If that sounds like you, getting into interior design could be a career choice that will suit you to a tee.

What Are the Basics?

When considering a career in luxury interior design, there are a few factors to look at when deciding whether this career is a good choice for you. With a little research, you can find out more specifics on the job and how to get started.

First, you will want to know exactly what types of jobs interior designers do. Besides just taking a space and making it look beautiful, interior designers need to meet with clients to discuss the logistics of the project, including budget, design style and elements, timelines, and other important factors. Once the details of the project are established, a designer meets with contractors, electricians, plumbers, and anyone else whose services are needed to plan and coordinate with them. Finally, the designer oversees the project to completion to ensure quality, safety, and client satisfaction.

After educating yourself on the specifics of what interior designers do, the next step is looking into the best schools in your area and finding one that can accommodate your schedule and budget. Although a degree is not a requirement to get into the field, the more education a designer has, the more equipped they will be to find success in their career. Interior decoration is a job that anyone can get into without a degree. To be an interior designer, however, one must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Like any educational endeavor, the initial investment involves your time in class, studying outside of class, and your personal drive, but the result is a fulfilling career that can be very lucrative.

What Other Factors Should You Consider?

We tend to think of interior décor and modern home interior design as a fabulous, creative experience, where we get to use paint, flooring, fixtures, furniture, textiles, fabrics, and objects d’art to make a stunning showroom for clients, but there are many other aspects to the job. There are those meetings with subcontractors and architects to consider, but also industry know-how that goes beyond the actual decorating. Designers must be educated in many areas, including design history, psychology, computer aided design (CAD), spatial concepts, trending interior styles, and ergonomics. A working knowledge of building codes, structural integrity of building architecture, and zoning laws and ordinances is also a must.

Is Interior Design Right for You?

It is important to remember that competition is intense in the field of interior design. Once you have the education, you must build your portfolio and an impressive resume. If you love decorating your own home, that is certainly a start, but also remember that you will need the people skills to please many types of clients. Interior design styles the client wants will not always be your preference or personal style, but you have to be able to adapt to any situation. If this all sounds like something you could enjoy for years to come, a career in interior décor may be perfect for you.


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