Building an oasis in your backyard doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. If you’re worried that the space you have to work with is too small, think again. By finding a small corner or space you can get super creative and have a small piece of heaven that your friends and family can all enjoy. Whether it’s a tiny garden, small dining space for eating al fresco, or a place to gather for conversation, you can make the space that you have work with these simple tricks.

Use furniture for multiple uses

An example of this would be using a large coffee table as a dining table. If you have enough room to put a slim sectional around the table then it can be a corner where you can lounge and just enjoy some company over a cool beverage on a hot day. It can also be used to share a meal and you can set up all of the eats on the table. If you don’t have enough space for a sectional, you can easily use some oversized throw pillows on the ground around the table and give it a boho feel, and add some touches such as serving dishes from Vivid Hue Home to give it the perfect summer vibes.

Another great piece of furniture to invest in is a small fire pit table that you can cozy up to by placing a few lounge chairs around it. Be sure to invest in ones that come with a cover that you can use as a table when not in use. Other styles also include a wider edge with a protective glass around the fire when it’s on so that you can eat around it. It’s like having a fire pit and a dining table all at once.

Small side tables also make great stool seats if you’re needing extra seating. Are you getting the hang of multiple-use furniture? The more use you can get out of your furniture, the more you get your money’s worth and the more use out of the space you have to work with.

Look into built-in options

If you own your home, you may want to consider some built-in options that can save you some space. Built-in furniture such as benches not only allow for more space, they allow for more storage. You can design build-in options to have storage underneath. There’s so much blank space underneath a bench that you can put anything you need to entertain. Throw blankets, throw pillows, games, wood for an outdoor fire, etc. Built-in also allows you to build up against a wall or fence for optimal space because it would be designed to tailor the measurements you have to work with.

Using the right amount of faux

Dreaming of that perfect greenery but don’t exactly have the space of the means to grow acres? Don’t be ashamed to use faux grass! Faux grass is making a major comeback this year because millennials are making low-maintenance yards very popular. Artificial grass such as turf stays green without needing any maintenance. Find a strip where you can place some turf up against a wall so that you can use the wall to place potted plants all along the wall. If the wall allows, you can also have a tiny plant wall with succulent plants or flowers hanging from panels and edges. All you need is an outdoor sofa and you’ve got yourself the most peaceful space in your home to pass the time reading your favorite books or looking up at the stars with your significant other.

Just like small details and accessories can pull off an entire outfit, small accessories can pull together your outdoor space. Use candles, lanterns, pillows, blankets, flower pots, and anything else you enjoy having indoors. Your outdoor space is just an extension of the inside of your home so you can make it just as cozy to make it just as enjoyable and entertaining.