When it comes to home décor and interior design trends, change all the time. It’s like fashion; one day something is IN, and the next day it is considered outdated. If you’re looking for different ways to add elegance to your home, then your best bet is to choose something that never goes out of style. Glass fits perfectly into that category. Besides adding elegance, glass also brightens your home.

Artistic vibe

One of the common concerns that people have about adding more glass to their home décor is the lack of homey atmosphere. But, that’s not entirely correct. Glass is versatile, it has numerous uses, and it allows you to adapt it to the interior and overall atmosphere of your home. The best thing of all, you can reuse glass and show off your creative side. Instead of throwing jars into the trash you can hold candles in them or decorate them to serve as vases. With glass, possibilities are endless. Plus, you can give your home artsy vibe without having to spend much money, all through reusing and repurposing glass objects.

Glass kitchen cabinets

Don’t you feel sad for your fancy china that is “trapped” in the cabinet and sees the light of day only during the holiday season? You know what they say; if you got it, flaunt it! Choosing kitchen cabinets with glass doors makes your kitchen shine on. Plus, they make your kitchen seem bigger i.e. create the optical illusion. This is particularly beneficial for all the ladies who always search for home decor tips that make space visually bigger. Besides cabinets with glass doors, you can also go for glass countertops. It is important to mention that glass remains unaffected by heat, meaning you can still cook regularly.

Glass dining room table

Adding glass onto the top of your dining room table gives the modern twist that your family and friends will adore. The good thing here is that you don’t even have to buy a new table, you can just add glass onto it, and there are many stores that can help you out with that. As a result, you’ll bring an elegant vibe to your décor without harming your budget.

Glass lighting

As mentioned above, glass makes your home brighter, and brightness equals elegance. If you’re tired of the current lighting in your home and thinking about making a change, then you can consider chandeliers. They have a wide array of designs and shapes that fit every interior. Plus, it is possible to find a perfect chandelier for every budget. Other options include lanterns, fairy lights in mason jars.

Glass dividing wall

Replacing certain sections of a wall with glass is a great and elegant way to open space, make it visually bigger and more inviting. Dividing walls don’t have to be carved in stone; you can opt for glass. For instance, you can add one of these glass dividing walls between the living room and dining space, thus creating two rooms in one. This trick is particularly beneficial for people who live in smaller home or condos but want to make their living space bigger and separated e.g. living room and dining room, or living room and home office divided by one glass wall.

Glass coffee table top

Glass tabletops don’t have to apply to dining room tables only; you can do the same trick with a coffee table in your living room. That way, your living area will seem more elegant, particularly if you also add some flowers and coffee table books. You’ll love having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee there with your friends. Plus, glass coffee table tops make your area ideal for Instagram photos and flat lays. Another bonus, it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


Okay, you’re probably thinking this is nothing new, we all have a mirror in our home. But, most of us stick to plain and simple mirrors that we use to see whether we look great in our outfits. The truth is, opting for artistic mirrors makes any room seem more elegant. Distinctive shapes and designs add more depth to any space. Glozine lifestyle also loves the trick where instead of hanging a “regular” painting on the wall, you can create a picture out of different sizes and shapes (oval, square) of mirrors for a classy and elegant room. If you want something simple, you can always opt for a regular mirror and elaborate frame for the extra sophisticated vibe.


Home décor is a perfect representation of your personality, and you get to explore your creativity and imagination. To make your living space more elegant, glass is always a great choice. It never goes out of style and makes any room visually bigger and brighter.