Reverse cycle ducted split system conditioners are competent in conditioning your entire home or office. These are equipped with ducts and grills that release warm or cool air to individual rooms. These are refrigerated like wall split systems so incredible in terms of providing precise climate control. There are two ways to get your ducted system, either you can buy them online as a single unit or assemble on a site quote. This is considered to be the ultimate in heating and cooling while featuring the latest additions in the energy efficient technology. If you are looking forward to buying a ducted air conditioner, you can relax in total comfort.

What is a Ducted Air Conditioner?

Reverse cycle ducted split systems are commonly found in the workplace, shopping centers, and other large areas. They are also evidently common in homes. These are installed in a central location where the air is treated and then sent by fans through a system of ducts to distribute into each room. Ducted air conditioners are aimed at keeping large areas at a uniform temperature.

How do the Reverse Cycle Ducted Split Systems work?

The air inside your home passes through grills in your roof or floor which depends on the installation set up in your home by using a fan and transferred over a fan coil. The outdoor compressor moves cold air from outside to the fan coil in your roof. The warm air that builds up inside your home is blown across the fan coil removes the heat and transfers it outside leaving the cool air to move back through the ducts and heading back into your home.

Filtering Process

Reverse cycle ducted split systems filter the air to eliminate unwanted contaminants. It has return air grill which is an inlet embedded inside the conditioner. The return air grill sucks the air and filters it to make the ambiance healthier. You will, however, need to regularly clean the filter to maintain the best operation of the system. The process is reversed if you require heating.

Dehumidifying Process

The refrigerated air conditioning system is capacitated to regulate humidity. The fan coil will separate moisture from the air on a warm humid day and the water that it collects will accumulate in a tray to be drained outside eventually.

How are Ducted Air Conditioners Installed?

Vents are required to be installed in each room while the central unit should be installed outside. This obviously requires hard work and hence this kind of air conditioners is custom-designed for the most houses and business places.

Installation of ducted air conditioners needs one day where the unit is going in the roof space. The tiles or tins hence require to be removed for a seamless installation. The installer should also take care to fit the external unit in a suitable place so that it doesn’t annoy the neighbors. The place should be as unobtrusive as possible. Should you decide to buy ducted air conditioners, you are advised to go for quality brands to avoid noise. 

What does the Zoning Motors Installed inside Ducted Air Conditioners do?

Zone motors incorporated inside the ducted air conditioners divide your home into different zones to boost your AC’s heating or cooling potentials. There is a door-like closure inside which you can close the zoning motors inside the ducted air conditioners to restrict the air-flow. Closing the door partially will also work in that case. The controller or the zone motors could be placed right next to the thermostat or any other place that seems convenient.

Reverse cycle ducted split systems are empowered to give you healthier air and lower the running costs.