Pressure washing homes on Cape Cod isn’t just something you cause your neighbors are doing it. The exterior of your Cape Cod home, the siding as well as the deck, driveway, outdoor furniture, and walkways, collects and becomes covered in dirt, dust, salty air from the Atlantic, along with contaminants like mildew and mold. A professional pressure washing removes those things and helps your home, or business, look clean and fresh again.

Why The Need For Residential Properties To Be Pressure Washed?

Whether you have lived in your home for years, plan to live there for years to come, or you have it on the market, you want the curb appeal to be something that people admire. It has been estimated by realtors that a pressure washing can increase a home’s resale value by as much as ten percent! That is a lot of ROI for the cost of a professional pressure washing job.

And a good pressure washing job should include the roof and windows as well. Those ugly black, dark streaks and stains on the roof can totally ruin your home’s curb appeal. And what you may not realize, those stains and streaks aren’t just cosmetic, even on the siding. That is algae, lichen, and moss growing and damaging the roof and the siding.

Whether is on the roof or on the siding, algae attract and hold in heat when the hot summer sun shines through, which in turn makes your home hot and causes it to grow more. A pressure washing of the siding and the roof will save you money down the road on your cooling bills because your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard.

When you begin to search for a company to pressure wash your home, inquire whether they use high-pressure or soft-pressure, and what kind of chemicals are used for cleaning. Many chemicals are harmful to the landscape and a hard-pressure power washing can damage shingles and siding. With the new chemicals and equipment on the market today, a professional pressure washing doesn’t have to be harmful or hard on your home.

Once you have found and used a professional pressure washing company, schedule a regular cleaning schedule with them to protect your home from the algae, dirt, dust, lichen, mildew, mold, and moss that can be damaging. Have your roof and siding both cleaned at the same time as well as the decks, driveway, and walkways. Algae and other contaminants can be transmitted from house to house, building to building, spreading their damaging talents through the neighborhood.

Why The Need For Commercial Properties To Be Pressure Washed?

Every business owner that operates a public location wants to attract customers, and this requires the building and surrounding area to have a positive image. A customers’ perception is everything and it is true, first impressions are the ones that count. For businesses on Cape Cod, Pressure Washing is a must because of the proximity to the Atlantic brings in the salty air with the debris, dirt, and dust, all sticking to the outer facade.

The presentation of your business starts upon a customer’s arrival. Your website may have got them to come, but it is a clean building, clean parking lot, and meticulous landscaping that will be the factor that entices them to come in. This holds true for every business, not just hospitals, medical offices, retail stores, and restaurants. Even a distribution or manufacturing business needs to have a clean exterior if they want to stand out above their competitors.

So, making sure your place of business looks clean will make that first impression a positive impact and lure them to do come inside and do business. Customers are leery about walking into a dirty building because it can appear that the owner and employees inside aren’t careful or clean. A clean building indicates a business’ attention-to-detail is strong. And just like your personal home, you are protecting your business investment on Cape Cod with a regularly scheduled pressure washing.

In Addition To Looks for Businesses and Homes

A professional Cape Cod pressure washing has other benefits besides making your home or business look appealing, clean, and fresh. It also offers health benefits that are a plus on the Atlantic Coast with the salt air. With mildew and mold in the air, it makes breathing harder, and if they begin to seep inside your home or commercial building through the cracks, it makes the inside unhealthy as well.

Make the call today and schedule an estimate for a professional power washing job. Ask about the type of pressure washer they use as well as the chemicals. Make sure there is a guarantee or warranty and the company is bonded, insured, and licensed for your protection.