In many cases, a basement issue in a TV show or movie has to do with something you’ll never experience. Batman’s Batcave definitely has some problems, but your home certainly doesn’t have a waterfall underneath it. However, there are also TV shows and movies that showcase basement problems that many real people have.

Even if you don’t have them for the same reason, here are five movies and TV shows that have relatable basement problems.

Stranger Things: Drywall Cracks and Foundation Problems

This one definitely has a strange reasoning behind it that you’re unlikely to have: the cracks in the drywall happened because of a demon. Even though you probably don’t have an angry demon in your basement, that doesn’t mean your walls are safe; people crack their basement drywall all the time for all sorts of reasons.

Fixing these problems would require that someone check for foundation damage first. If the home’s clear of all foundation problems, an expert could replace the drywall. Even if there were foundation problems, basement experts can stabilize foundations that have generalized issues as well.

The IT Crowd: Electrical Hazards From Faulty Wiring

There’s a running joke on The IT Crowd that the basement offices the crew work out of are definitely not suitable for a business. One of the biggest problems is the fact that the electrical wiring is clearly faulty, and there are fires that pop up in the offices because of it.

These electrical hazards could eventually cause a building-wide fire, which would definitely wipe out the basement offices. That’s why it’s important that this group gets an electrician out there to rewire the electrical offices. They might also want to install some smoke detectors to avoid missing a fire in the future.

That ‘70s Show: Smoke Residue

In That ‘70s Show, it’s the 1970s, which means the characters smoke a lot. During this time, most people didn’t really know about the dangers of secondhand smoke, and it was far more common to smoke indoors. However, that would mean that the basement is full of smoke and the smell of smoke.

You may not smoke in your basement, but many older homes have basements that at one time had smokers living in them. In both real life and in That ‘70s Show, you could fix the problem with a cleaning crew. A super deep clean on both the walls and the carpet could help remove that smell and avoid secondhand smoke concerns.

Wayne’s World: Soundproofing Problems

The biggest problem in the basement in Wayne’s World is the noise. Wayne and his friend Garth play in Wayne’s parents’ basement every Friday. They broadcast their shows live on the internet. However, that noise really frustrates Wayne’s parents, who just have to deal with the noise in their basement.

This is where a soundproofing crew could come in. It’s absolutely possible to soundproof a basement. They may not be able to get rid of the sound entirely, especially if Wayne and Garth decide to really blast their instruments, but they could get rid of a lot of it.

Ozark: Basement Humidity

In Ozark, a family moves to Missouri for very complicated reasons. They move in with Buddy, the terminally ill owner of the home; he moves into the basement, while the rest of the family lives in the upper half of the home. However, the moisture in the basement makes his terminal illness worse.

Damp basements are a common concern, especially in extremely humid environments like Missouri. If the family wanted to help with this problem, they could call in a basement repair team, who could waterproof the basement and install a dehumidifier.


Movies and TV shows might not always get it right, but they always pull from real-world experiences to create something that thrills, excites, or scares you. If you’re having any of these experiences in your real basement, you’ll want to consider talking to a basement repair expert. As with all these fictional basements, you can call in a repair expert to fix problems in your real basement as well.