Do you love farmhouse decor, but live in a small home or apartment? That’s OK — you can still incorporate many of the elements found in the farmhouse style, even in the smallest of locations. If you’re looking to inject as much farmhouse decor into your small space as possible, these tips will help! 

Use multi-functional furnishings. Ottomans are a great example. They can extend a portion of a chair or couch, turning it into a lounger, and they can also double as a table. With some help from a lacquered or galvanized tray, you can instantly transform any ottoman into a coffee table. When you’re not using it to house snacks or drinks, use the tray to store remote controls, books, or decorative elements like flower vases or votive candles. 

Paint with neutral colors. Nothing is worse in a small space than deep, dark colors. Instead, opt for shades of beige, white, or gray. Whether you want to use cool or warm tones is up to you, but neutral colors help maintain a more open space and make your small home or apartment feel larger than it is. Plus, neutrals play better with farmhouse decorations. 

Get creative with shelving. If you have a lot of farmhouse signage or decor and want to do as little damage to your walls as possible, shelving can help. From bottles to decorative plates, ironstone pitches, or vintage prints, the right shelves can house all of your farmhouse decors tastefully. Plus, you can find shelving in a variety of sizes and styles, including ornamental. Mostly, it comes down to choosing the size that’s going to be able to display all of your farmhouse decors without it seeming cluttered. 

Consider every piece of furniture. The furnishings you include in your small home or apartment can speak volumes when it comes to the farmhouse style. To make the most of your space, be intentional with your furniture. If you’re looking for a side table, shop around antique stores or flea markets to find something less traditional and more farmhouse. From palettes to old wooden boxes, you can turn anything into a piece of furniture with the right mindset. 

Listen to nature. A lot of farmhouse decor can be found right outside your window. Use seasonal plants and flowers to dress up your coffee or dining room table. Neutral plants like cotton puffs work well when creating a rustic vibe, as do sunflowers, eucalyptus leaves, and lavender sprigs. When winter rolls around, welcome evergreen swags into your home for a holiday farmhouse vibe. No matter what kind of natural elements you include, they’ll be an easy way to dress up shelves, countertops, and tables and add to the farmhouse feel without taking up too much space. 

Let the lighting be the star. As mentioned previously, every element of your decor should be beautiful and functional. Your choice of lighting should be no exception. When it comes to light fixtures in the farmhouse style, look for something that has wooden or metal elements. A classic chandelier with galvanized metal is the perfect element for a farmhouse kitchen or dining room in a small space, but there is a wealth of options that will work for your budget and lifestyle. 

Hunt for galvanized metal. This material evokes a real sense of farm life. Think metal barn roofs, chicken wire, and buckets for collecting milk. Incorporate elements made of galvanized metal to really capture the essence of a pastoral farm. Fortunately, this look is extremely popular, which means it should be easy for you to find functional elements that fit your lifestyle. 

Include farmhouse curtains around your windows. Hanging country curtains is one of the simplest ways to embrace the farmhouse style without taking up too much space. With options in burlap, plaid, and even tobacco cloth, dressing your windows with farmhouse curtains can instantly give your small home or apartment the rustic vibe you seek. 

Whether you use one or all of these elements, you’re sure to achieve a stunning farmhouse style in any space.