Architects in the United States rose by two percent last year, bringing the total amount of practitioners to roughly 115,316 across all 55 U.S. jurisdictions. While there has been an increase in almost every state, the same cannot be said for Utah.

The lack of architects in Utah is mainly because of its sub-par annual wage of USD 67,540 per year. The state offers the lowest annual mean salary, which makes it even harder to find quality landscape architect Utah.

However, there are quality landscape architect Utah companies like Berg LA, which provides landscape consulting, design, planning, and drone mapping to Utahans.

These landscape architects are responsible for designing outdoor spaces of recreational facilities, campuses, private homes, businesses, and other open spaces. They start the process by meeting with engineers, clients, and building architects to discuss the requirements of the project.

This enables them to prepare site specifications, plans, cost estimates, and choose the appropriate landscaping materials. Landscape architects also work the arrangement of existing and proposed land structures to ensure that every request is met to a tee.

Unlike the typical architect, the objective of a landscape architect is to improve the natural beauty of a space and promote environmental benefits. Landscape architects may plan the restoration of streams, mined areas, and wetlands or design environmentally-friendly roofs to absorb pollution.

What is the Difference Between Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects?

Landscape architects and landscape designers are terms that are commonly interchanged but bring in different meanings. Dissimilar to architects, designers only work on a smaller residential project and usually do not have any state license.

They are mostly self-taught and have obtained certification through online training programs, colleges, and universities. Meanwhile, landscape architects are accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects and licensed to work or design landscape projects.

How Can Landscape Architects Benefit My Business?

For eight of the last nine years, Utah has maintained its position as the best state for business. This position is mainly because of the state’s high marks on growth prospects and regulatory climate.

This is why creating a line towards your competitors is essential in standing out and ensuring continuous business profits. One of the best ways to achieve that competitive edge is to hire a landscape architect to ensure sustainability without the need for fanfare.

Almost everyone thinks that adding landscape architecture is only a way to green up or decorate properties, but it can do much more to your business. Well-designed landscapes are crucial in preventing erosions that are continuously building in developed areas.

Before designing your building, landscape architects are required to create biofiltration swales in urban areas to remove pollutants on drains, wetlands, and streams. This setup helps minimize flooding, erosion, and the buildup of dust in your property, thus, ensuring a healthy environment.

With a healthy environment, businesses can trim down sick leaves, lower turnover rates, and promote higher productivity among employees. It also ensures that your workforce is ready enough to face challenges and meet expectations in the evolving business environment of Utah.