Let’s face it! No matter how great your house plans are nothing beats an organized one. Keeping a clean house is never as easy as keeping it untidy. Maintaining a spotless home takes a little effort or should we admit it – more effort to some of us. After a long day at work do you still have the energy left to do the household chores? I bet most would say,

“Hell no!”   This is one of the reasons why we lose motivation in tidying up our space. After all the mess piled up, one is simply at a loss when and how to start. Worry no more. Let these simple tips guide you through gaining that lost enthusiasm to keep your house neat as a new pin.

#1. Start from your favorite spot.

I’m pretty sure you got one. Is it that coffee table corner where you find yourself time to read or recalibrate thoughts over a cup of your desired brew? Is it that comfy couch where you run to every time you’re dead tired? Is it that kitchen counter top where you express your love for culinary arts?

If you want to start, you gotta start somewhere. Don’t get overwhelmed of cleaning the entire house in a finger snap. After all, it took you ages to get those mess piled up so having it organized real quick is next to impossible.

Take those baby steps and that’s how you start. Start by simply arranging or rearranging things on that favorite spots of yours.

#2. Declutter to feel better.

Whether we admit it or not, there are some junk around the house we no longer need to keep. Unless of course in a hoarder’s point of view where everything is valuable to the last drop.

Mess equals stress! No one would be excited to come home to a chaotic house. Thus, decluttering is must! The question is how to start?

Sort things out. Categorize things into 3—

(1) Use, (2) Keep, and (3) Dump. For things that you frequently use, keep them visible and within reach. For things you’d like to keep for future use, make sure these things are really utilized within a year, if not, you got to simply wave goodbye. Lastly, for broken, worn-out, irreparable stuff there’s no sense letting them get a free rental space in your house. Regardless of their value, you should learn to let them go.

As they say, it’s hard to get rid of the memories associated with these things but it’s easier to throw away things that trigger those memories.

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#3. Learn the basics in cleaning.

If you’re not a neat-freak like most of us, it won’t hurt to get some help with your cleaning up mission. There are a lot of DIY videos available online which can guide you through this journey.

Get geared up! Buy the necessary stuff to get you started. These basic cleaning tools could help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

(1) Vacuum cleaner – it would be great if you could invest a good amount to purchase heavy-duty, high-quality vacuum cleaner. It’s gonna take care of those dust mites, you’re enemy number one around the house. It gets the job done in no time compared to manually wiping off those stubborn dust.

(2) Microfiber cloths – microfiber cloth is your handyman leaving no streaks behind as you wipe your entire house to achieve that sparkling clean glamour. These are super absorbent easy-wash cloths to help you cut cleaning time in half.

(3) Spray Bottles – for stubborn stains that water can’t simply eradicate, you’d need a special formula for that. These spray bottles make it easier for you to dilute the solution and spray those stains away. They are ideal for glass surfaces you simply need a few spritz and you’re done!

(4) Scrub brush – you can choose between a traditional scrub brush with a grip handle or the electronic ones available online for purchase. Ordinary stains can be taken-cared of by simple cloths and sponge but tough ones need this scrub brush.

Bathroom grouts, sink and floors need some good lovin’ and scrubbin’ so this tool is a must-have.

(5) Rubber gloves – while tidying up you don’t want to sacrifice those pretty hands of yours. Wear those gloves to avoid allergy or irritation over harsh cleaners and detergents. Although you might be comfortable using bare hands, safety-first is still the way to go.

Finally, after all those simple tips on the best way to start is to decide now! Not tomorrow, next week, or when you finally get the time because you’ve given that excuse a million times, haven’t you? Keeping an organized home should never be burdensome. Trust me, once you started this habit of keeping it neat and clean, you’ll never be ashamed to invite friends over to come visit whether it’s planned or unplanned.