More than a mere room for the primary functions, the bathroom has slowly but surely shifted from full utilitarian into a true sanctuary. It’s thanks to this shift in aesthetics and practice that it’s become essential for all sorts of purposes – from quick showers and makeup application to rest and relaxation with a spa-like treatment included.

To be able to merge these two opposites, function and fashion go together. Hence, you can’t focus on one and leave out the other if you want to come up with the bathroom of your dreams. Nowadays, there are all sorts of bathroom trends to catch up on. And no matter how big or small you intend to go with adopting one, or what the scale of the makeover would be, it’s easier than ever before to find high-quality designer bathroom fittings at great prices. All you need to do is find a reliable bathroom warehouse.

Find Your Supplies Online

Being able to rely on e-commerce certainly offers more possibilities in terms of coming across a vast variety of supplies that differ in styles, materials, and finishes. And the ability to compare prices within seconds or even buy something you weren’t even looking for, proves there’s the convenience of the time which is why more and more people turn to online shopping instead. In other words, you can find and invest in your bathroom remodelling bits and pieces in an instant!

Of course, it might seem easier to buy clothes, books, and groceries than bathroom fittings online out of fear of making a mistake when choosing a supplier. However, certain signs can help you tell a trustworthy supplier from a scammer (one to avoid at all costs). For instance, the number of items listed on a site or rather the big assortment could be a good indicator. And the same goes for the products’ reviews from customers as well as the reputation. Additionally, some of the company’s policies, like their stance on the environment and sustainability, are other things that can be of help in making the decision when choosing your bathroom warehouse. Genuine Australian companies could be members of the HIA (Housing Industry Australia), focused on the national and regional housing industry so this is also something to check for.

Furthermore, don’t forget to go through a supplier’s terms and conditions, return policies, and of course whether they offer warranties as well as how convenient they are. All of these advantages make it difficult to resist buying your bathroom makeover project supplies online shopping. But what about the disadvantages? One of the aspects that might appear to be disadvantageous is the delivery time. When you choose a company not based in Australia, that is. In such a case, a longer ship-out and delivery timeframe are expected, the advice is to look for national suppliers.

Should You Keep up with Trends? 

Finding your trusted supplier is only one part of the worries, the other is giving the bathroom trends some thought before going on a shopping spree. Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it deserves to make it to your bathroom – there’s the risk of getting a makeover mess instead of success. It’s best to pick one style and stick with it. After all, trends come and go, so it’s important to opt for the one you’ll like for years to come. Also, it’s okay to look for inspiration but not at the expense of not even letting your own taste in on the project (just because you’ve liked a photo on Instagram).

  1. Colours that Make a Statment 

Darker tones such as eggplant, chocolate and black are still very much popular. They’re perfect for showcasing artwork, and for anyone bold enough to try out something really dark, it’s a perfect opportunity to add drama and elegance. This is especially the case with a matte, regardless of whether you choose it for a wall, tiles, fittings or tapware. If black feels too bold for you, you could always spice things up with a little grey touch.

Furthermore, bathroom fixtures and fittings in brass and gold (including rose gold) are still very much in style, even with the modern and sleek polished chrome in competition. Because of their warm vintage appeal, warm metals spell glamourous and can bring richness to your design scheme, especially when paired with tones of both green and blue. Such colours marry quite well together and not only promote a soothing ambiance but can boost creativity and productivity too. Sometimes, minor accents like choosing the right colour can turn your bathroom from drab to fab in an instant.

  1. An Open-Plan Concept – Yay or Nay?

The open plan concept doesn’t only work with areas like the kitchen and the living room, it can offer comfort when implemented in the sanctuary room as well. If you can afford it space-wise, a big bathtub is a nice option that’s bound to provide you with comfort unlike any other. It will be your go-to spot for unwinding and relaxing after a long day. If, however, you can’t fit one in your bathroom, there’s the option of an open shower. It can create an expensive feel, easier access, and spaciousness, hence no surprise the “no door, curtain or threshold” trend has become so popular. For some, it might seem lacking in privacy, but the increased shower space is one of life’s comforts you could enjoy daily with this alternative.

  1. Smarten up Your Bathroom

Ecofriendly materials and automated features go beyond the concept of smart tech homes. Technology has developed to such an extent that today it can also be found in bathrooms. Tech innovations offer an outstanding number of advantages, from keeping bathrooms clean and hygienic to saving water (especially when bathrooms account for more than half of the indoor water usage). And with such a vast range of WELS-regulated bathroom products that don’t compromise style or function, why not contribute to a more sustainable water future.

So, go ahead, choose your trend and be amazed by your dream bathroom!