Renovating or installing a patio? Then it is important that you get all the components right. You could have a great idea or design, but if it is not executed properly then it could lead to more trouble than it is worth. One of the biggest things to consider in your patio design is the materials that you use.

Materials have a big impact on many different factors, for example how much maintenance is involved, the budget, the size of the patio, what you can use the patio for, so it is important to do your research and find the best materials to suit your design, home and lifestyle. Like with any new building project, the most important place to start is with the foundation and when it comes to a patio there is no exception to this rule.


A classic option is always to look for timber decking. There is nothing quite like the look of timber decking and it can be a versatile option, as it is easier to build a raised deck using timber. Below the deck can be for storage or so you can allow drainage on wet days. The downside of timber is that it does need a little more maintenance, with consistent coating and varnishing to keep it looking the best.  But saying that, it is also easy to clean, you just have to be mindful of rot, water damage and even termites.

There are also alternatives like bamboo, that while it needs to be treated still, it does age well and it is a sustainable material.

Another option that you can always invest in is composite decking. Composite decking pairs plastic fibres with recycled wood, so you can have all the look and sophistication of timber, with much less maintenance work. It suits the busy lifestyle of the Melbourne siders. Check out the Superdeck website for great composite decking deals in Melbourne.


The floor of the patio is especially important as this is where the most wear and tear will be, and it can dictate exactly what you can use your patio for. Options like concrete are always a good one. It is simple, easy to clean and very durable. You can get very creative with concrete slabs and pretty much place anything on top of it and not worry about it getting damaged, which is ideal if you are using the area to place a lot of outdoor furniture. It is also great for landscaping, as you can leave sections open for plants and trees, as well as be versatile in the look.


Stone and/or bricks gives your space an old-world look, while providing a durable option for your patio. There are various methods to go about laying down bricks and pavers, but the versatility of them means you can mix up different styles and colours, giving yourself a lot of creative freedom with the design as well as tools for interesting landscaping. Bricks and stone are also easy to clean, durable and give the space a real rustic look. If dry-laid, on the rare occasion that there is any broken pavers or bricks, they can be easily replaced. This makes maintaining the look of your patio easy. If going with stone over bricks, there are some different options to decide from. Bluestone is a hard-wearing and beautiful option for your patio. It ages well and comes in various shades. Another popular option is flagstone. Flagstone is common because it is durable and affordable in comparison to other stones. It can be used to create a great look and is easy to maintain.

Upon looking at all the various material options, the best way to decide is to work with a professional to truly understand what your needs are. You may love the look of timber decking, but if you are not prepared to maintain it then it can cost you a lot of time and money down the track. Stone might be your ultimate choice, but if you need an elevated deck then it may not be the best choice. A professional can help you plan according to your budget as well, as budget can play a huge role in your options. Some materials can be quite expensive, so it may be tempting to get the lower quality versions, but that can also cause you more headaches down the track. Like with every project, the planning process is the most important, so make sure if you are planning on building or renovating a patio, everything is cross-checked and planned for so you can be sure that once it is finished, you will have the best patio possible.

One way to ensure the durability of your outdoor space is by selecting the right stainless steel grades for your building purposes, particularly structural frames.