Right Mirror For Your Bathroom

A mirror has become an essential accessory in every bathroom. Since, all of us, irrespective of gender or age have become so conscious of our looks and we are on the constant lookout to keep a check on the way we look, bathroom mirrors have become a necessity rather than a luxury for our bathrooms. It might seem strange to you if you go to a party at a friend’s house or a movie theatre and find their bathrooms without a mirror.

There are a lot of factors that are to be considered while choosing the right bathroom mirror for your house or your workplace and these factors are discussed in detail below. Various factors that contribute to this decision are space, type, and utility.

Framed Mirrors

These are the most common bathroom mirror. These are traditional mirrors with a border all around them and it comes in a wide array of designs and styles to choose from.

Vanity Mirrors

These mirrors are usually for makeup fans. These are also known as magnifying mirrors which are hinged on a pedestal that is usually placed on a dresser. It has a magnifying mirror on both sides and it is generally used for makeup artists and enthusiasts as it requires great attention to minor details.

Medicine Mirrors

These mirrors are installed on a box-like cabinet with a door panel in front of which the mirror is installed. It is a multi-functional mirror system that helps you to store items like medicines and toiletries behind the mirror inside the cabinet.

Swingarm or Extension Mirror

These mirrors are usually used in a bathroom with cramped spaces. When you do not have the luxury of space to get huge mirrors installed then these types of mirrors can come to your aid. Mirrors are installed on swing arms which are easily retractable and extractable from the wall as they are attached to it by accordion mounts.

Lighted Mirror

These are probably the most trending type of mirrors these days. These mirrors are usually bordered with a lighting strip. This gives a well-illuminated image on the mirror which is amazing for mirror selfies or bathroom group pictures at a house party. This can be an excellent option when you are on the lookout for bathroom mirrors.

Venetian Mirror

This type of mirror is equipped with beautiful designs on the border of the mirror giving an eloquent and delicate touch to your bathroom with a hint of feminine touch to it. So if you want to add to the beauty of your bathroom something elegant and sophisticated then Venetian Mirrors can be an excellent option while looking for bathroom mirrors.

What Are The Factors That You Need To Consider While Buying Bathroom Mirrors?

Once you have finalized the type and shape of the bathroom mirror that you need, another factor that will come across to you is in what proportion you need the mirror. A bathroom mirror should be ideally narrower than the width of the vanity and should be installed at an equidistant from the lighting fixtures and the sink.  It should also be proportional to the ceiling.

Another aspect that should be considered is its functionality. The styling and design are in one place but a bathroom mirror should serve its purpose efficiently. One should always consider the available space before going out on a lookout for a bathroom mirror.

Bathroom mirrors have become an essential bathroom accessory and there are numerous options available in the market for consumers when it comes to bathroom mirrors. A consumer should be well researched and well informed about the types of products and their own needs before going out in the market.