The more space that city houses and apartments occupy, the more expensive they usually become. And when assigning area space for an apartment unit, the bathroom often seems to be the last one to be allocated an extra square meter or two. As a person should be able to relax in their bathroom at home, it’s easy to see how the space can contribute to more stress if it feels cramped — if it accommodates the essential bathroom fittings and little else.

Some studies suggest that you could maximize the space of an area by applying certain strategic design principles.

Here are nine ideas that can help make your bathroom appear more spacious.

1. Choose the right colors

Using the softer version of any color and alternately painting a good combination of these on the ceiling and wall provides an illusion of space. The principle of applying specific colors to serve certain functions is common design knowledge. Search online for soft versus hard green, for instance — it is the same color, but a very distinct exterior.

2. Use transparent glass inside

Replacing shower curtains with clear glass can relieve the cramped feeling one can get inside  a small bathroom. It also lends a classier appearance to the space.

3. Optimize the daylight

Natural light can do much to make a room appear more spacious. Bigger windows would help in allowing natural light to flood the bathroom. Of course, you would still need privacy, so treated or frosted window panes with specific designs are preferable. If not available, try to install “recessed lighting” as it would present a subtle open atmosphere.

4. Apply a proper floor design

Diagonal line tile formats will trick your eyes into seeing that the space is much larger than its actual size.  By combining tiles with softer color tones with the said prescribed line direction, you will be able to see how certain flooring designs can make your bathroom appear much bigger.

5. Be artsy

Putting a painting or framed print in the bathroom can make a huge difference. By setting out an image of landscapes, fields, coastal motif, or other examples, you can breathe in fresh air – in your imagination, at least. By having these artistic elements incorporated in the bathroom, you can also give yourself a private and intimate space for soul-searching and meditation.

6. Organize your storage

Wall-hanging drawers can give you extra space for bathroom essentials. Since it frees up additional floor space, it also creates a wider appearance on the floor area.

Having a suspended pedestal or wall-mount sink also does the trick. The storage areas must be placed on spaces which would not interfere when you move around inside the bathroom, in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

7. Take advantage of the mirror effect

The size of the bathroom mirror affects the visual perspective of the room’s space. If you stretch it upward, the perception of ceiling height will be higher; the same thing happens when you elongate it. Mirrors also reflect light, thereby adding depth of dimension, as if you were doubling the room’s space.

8. Consolidate the visual context

Having a consistent overall motif would give you a perceived view of bathroom as decluttered. A minimalist style would also suit a cramped space while depicting a classy impression. With the colors well-coordinated with the line formats of flooring or wall tiles, the perceived space would be magnified further.

9. Rearrange moveable furnishings

Sometimes, you will not achieve the desired effect on your first try. So, by rearranging the moveable items such as cabinets and decor, a better perspective could be produced.

Combine the best ideas

Of course, it would be better not to simply experiment on your own based on what you have read. You must also consult experts like architects or interior designers for you to find out the best solutions for limited bathroom spaces.