Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing a shortage of hot water amidst showering. The situation gets worse when the season is of winters. One hardly thinks that there would be any breakdown within the water heater and thus, they hardly think about servicing it. With such a myth, we don’t focus much on its maintenance. For your information, hot water repairs can be avoided if regular maintenance is done. We realize its importance only when a huge bill of repair is handed over by the technician.

To avoid such a situation, it is essential that you take proactive steps to ensure its efficient working. Since installation, you need to take care of certain points so that you avail maximum benefits thereafter and prolong the lifespan of the heaters. You should be aware of the basic preventive measures that would enhance the efficacy of the water heater and avoid hot water repairs.

Detailed insight into the preventive steps to minimize hot water repairs;

1. Maintenance

Starting from a very basic point, it is essential to conduct periodic hot water repairs and maintenance with a professional. In the traditional water tanks, it had to be flushed down at least once a year. Sediment formation does not only impact the storage capacity but also causes overheating.

2. Check-Up of Pressure Relief Valve

A pressure relief valve in the water heater should be checked regularly. It is the key safety feature that may limit the frequent hot water repairs. With the heating of the water, it expands to release the excess pressure.

3. Temperature

The temperature should not be more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures would not only increase your energy bills but would also make it harder for the water heater to operate effectively. Hence, to avoid sudden hot water repairs, its temperature should be set ideally.

4. Height

During the installation of a hot water system, make sure it is installed at a sufficient height. It should be approx 6 feet from the floor. This greatly impacts the pressure of water and you get strong water flow rather than a trickling flow.

5. Connections

Although it is the basic aspect, it is essential to consider the connections of the water heater. It should be connected to MCB so that the heater gets automatically switched off in case of power fluctuations. One of the usual reasons for hot water repairs is burned coil due to power fluctuation.

6. Switch on Time

Avoid keeping the water heater on for a long period. Generally, during mornings, people tend to keep the switch on for the maximum duration. Well, it was the case in traditional ones as the rush was high. Although the rush is still the same, modern heaters can heat up the needful water within 5 minutes. Keeping it on for a long time might increase your energy bills.

7. Ventilation

If you have gas water heaters, make sure there is enough ventilation. Regularly inspect the vents else toxic fumes might invade within the house which can cause various breathing and other health-related issues.

If you genuinely want to avail appealing benefits and avoid hot water repairs, you need to actively participate in its maintenance. When all the components are finely working, there would not no issues in the flow of hot water. Well, in case of any breakdown, it would consequently increase the problems. It may take a longer time to heat up the water. For the smooth and efficient functioning of any appliance, its servicing plays a vital role. You should not ignore its periodic servicing at any cost. If it remains unattended, you may have to face severe problems even leading to complete replacement.