It might be the case that you haven’t yet decorated your home, and you haven’t made renovations, and this is the perfect year to do it. There are some gorgeous trends set for this year, and you could make a masterpiece out of your home. Check out some fantastic suggestions listed below:

  1. Statement Furniture:

Walls have been replaced by statement furniture. In the room per se, there should be one set of furniture that must catch your eye. Either that must be of a bright colour, or it must be of some significant print. You could check out some designer couches like the Clementine Couch from New Zealand, which is available in purple, royal blue, mandarin and more. You could also introduce a curvy couch, and this brings out the life in a room. Your Interior designs studio can become prettier with the design of furniture you pick.

  1. Statement Flooring:

You could draw attention to the floor, if you want to keep the furniture simple. Patterns like chevron and herringbone are extremely in trends. You could also experimentally try with bolds designs of diamonds, hexagons, hearts, rectangles, on your floor, not in any constant recurring patterns, but irregular patterns which will stand out. You could mix and match all of these designs and create original floors.

  1. Jewel Tones:

This is the colour that has come up in the market a lot, and it is a hue that is pretty to the eyes. It is a deep, rich and invigorating tone, and one can include other colours like sapphire blue, emerald greens, ruby reds, and amethyst purple. These colours in your wall will look pretty, but if you are scared to paint your walls with this, you could just buy bolsters of these colours.

  1. Tones:

You could do a simple monochrome, tone on tone blending to create wonderful walls. You could take one colour and then apply different shades of this colour on your walls, this will look brilliant. Playing around with monochrome is a bright idea for your home.

  1. Brass Tones:

Playing with brass metallic shades always gives home a classic look. There’s rose gold, brushed silver, all of these colours look very stylish and happening.

  1. Neutrals:

The neutral shades are always smart and classic. You could always experiment with these shades and have fun.

  1. Wabi Sabi:

You could describe this as anything that has to do with Japanese art printed in linens, or cushions, or cutlery. Anything that is handmade, looks incomplete, hand painted, which might be crockery, knick-knacks, crockery would be beautiful. You could also get crafty and experiment with a lot of things.

  1. Upcycled Furniture:

This comes as a strong stand point in your Interior design studio designs. There will be lower carbon footprint in the process, and lesser wastage too. You could take up any colour of furniture, and then accordingly make it the centre piece of attraction.

  1. Soft Natural Light:

Natural light is always a blessing, and when you use it in your room, you just need to tone it down. You could soften it with filters and sheers. This will come in different patterns and colours.

  1. Curtains And Blinds For Your Interior Design Studio:

You could experiment with shapes of bold patterns or floral patterns. Bold colours and shapes, floral prints, and you could throw in the shades that have been mentioned above. These would give an enthusiastic look to your Interior design studio, and would make your home look interesting. You could also prop up art works, and give an interesting angle to your home too.