Blocked drains are very common, and you can face such plumbing problems any day and any time. You need to identify the root cause of these problems and you can apply some DIY tools to clear your blocked drains. If you do not fix these issues initially, then leakage of water will damage your property. Apart from that, you can also face some severe problems such as burst pipes and you need to pay huge repairing costs in this regard. So to avoid such problems, you must consider few basic things such as clear your drains on a regular basis, do not throw solid particles inside the drain and use bins for your bathroom and kitchen.

How to Clear Blocked Drain at Home:

If you find blocked drain problems in your home, then you can follow the below tips to clear your drains. But such DIY tips can clear small blockages and you need to

Hire Professional Blocked Drain Clearing Services to Maintain Your Drainage System:

#1. Boiling Water: You can pour some boiling water inside your drains and warm water will loosen the food particles. Then you can flush out the garbage from your drainage system. But you can apply the warm or hot water in your ceramic or metal pipelines. You cannot apply the same in your PVC pipelines because hot water will loosen the joints of PVC pipes. Hot water will melt the greasy and oily substances from your drains.

#2. Natural Cleaners: You can use vinegar and baking soda as natural cleaners. Do not use harmful chemicals to clear your drains because they will be diluted in your water lines and contaminate your water. In this case, you can mix the vinegar and baking soda with hot water and pour the same in your blocked drains. Such natural cleaners will produce oxygen and clean your drains completely. You need to repeat this process several times to clear the blockage of your drainage system. Then you can flush out the deposited garbage from your drains with plenty of water.

#3. Caustic Cleaners: Hairs, grease and food particles are the main cause of blocked drains and you can use some caustic cleaners to clear your drains. Such chemical caustic cleaners are available in hardware stores and you can use them directly into your drains to clean the blocked areas. But such caustic cleaners are not able to melt the solid particles like tree roots and household items, and you need to hire professional blocked drain cleaning services in this regard.

#4. Plunger: A plunger can clear the clogged areas of your toilet and you need to seal the spouts before using the plunger. Then you can create minimum pressure by the plunger and clear your drainage system. You need to plug out the deposited garbage from your drainage system and do not push them toward the drains.

#5. Jet Pressure: Hydro jet can be used to clear the blocked drains because you can use the high-water pressure to remove all foreign particles from your drainage system. But normally, people do not have such tools in their home, and they can hire the blocked drain services to use a hydro jet.

#6. CCTV: You can use the snake with CCTV to locate the clogged areas of your drainage system. It is better to consult with a blocked drain cleaning specialist in this regard. They have all advanced tools to evaluate your drains and they will locate the exact problem of your blocked drains within a few minutes.

Plus, tree roots penetration is a major cause of blocked drains and you cannot remove the tree roots from the level that is below the ground. In that case, you must rely on the blocked drain specialists.