Concrete floor slabs can look good with the plethora of coloring options available today. If your home décor plans include concrete flooring, you don’t have to necessarily waste resources and money just to add another layer of flooring materials. Leaving concrete exposed can look good when you choose a concrete color that goes with the theme of interior décor.

Contrary to what others may be thinking, the concrete floor looks great when you select a concrete color that complements your home décor and style. It gives out a rustic and aesthetically pleasing look that many urban homeowners prefer these days.

However, concrete dyes are prone to fading over time. This article goes over a few tips that would keep concrete dyes from fading.

#1. Concrete Type

Irrespective of which concrete dye is used to color the concrete floor, there would be a slight change in color over time. It’s primarily due to the chemicals and minerals present in concrete. The shade of your concrete floor may become darker or lighter, depending on the chemical reaction that takes place. The contractors in charge of concrete flooring and coloring would know these changes occur and should use the right concrete dye color that gets the desired result.

#2. UV Light Stability 

Color dyed concrete floors can get damaged by prolonged exposure to sunlight. The windows and glass ceilings are coated with UV protection to protect the concrete flooring and ensure its color doesn’t fade. There are glasses available that have in-built UV protection, or you can add the UV protection sheet separately on the existing window glasses. It would ensure that the UV rays are filtered and the concrete flooring and its colors remain intact.

#3. Moisture Vapor Test

This test would showcase the ability of the concrete to retain its color for a long time without losing its intensity. If, during the moisture vapor test, the salt surfaces on the floor, chances are that the concrete flooring will lose color in due course. It makes it easier for the color to penetrate deep into the floor causing the color on the surface to fade out.

#4. Use Stain

If you do not want the concrete flooring to lose its color and look due to moisture or sunlight, using concrete stains is a better idea. It reacts chemically with the concrete to give out a great looking finish, and it’s not easily affected by sunlight or moisture. Many homeowners prefer concrete stains due to its durability to withstand different climatic conditions and water without losing its original look.

#5. Using Guard

There are concrete flooring guards available in the market that can be used as a protection to keep the concrete color from fading. It offers breathable protection to the concrete flooring and is a must, especially if the concrete color has been fading steadily since application. The guard should be applied after thorough polishing.

Gone are the days when gray was the only color option when choosing concrete flooring. There is a wide array of concrete color options available today, and you can select as per your home’s décor style and theme as well as your personal preferences. Consulting thoroughly with your flooring contractor as well as researching on your own would help you get an idea of the possibilities you can achieve with concrete flooring and its colors.