Space Maximization

A small room can feel like a prison if you don’t know how to “jazz it up”. Consider vegetables as an example. If you just throw some lima beans in a bowl and eat them without any spices or butter, they’re not that tasty. But with a little butter, some salt and pepper, maybe a bit of garlic salt, perhaps some steak seasoning and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, you’ve got cuisine.

A small space is very similar. While there are remodeling solutions that can increase property value, such options may not be available to you. You can always expand out with a deck, or knock down a wall. But on the other hand, ironically, erecting a wall can actually increase the perception of size in a room.

Partitions of a wicker variety, or of a cubicle variety, can be used to divvy up a small space into compartments which can be individually decorated. Certainly you don’t want to go overboard—a home shouldn’t feel like cubicles in an office. But such techniques definitely work. Following, several additional space-maximization techniques will be explored to help stimulate your imagination.

1. Hanging Furniture

If you’ve got strong enough attachment points in the ceiling, you can hang a wicker chair from a chain. You can do the same with a love-seat, if you like. Properly configured, you can hoist this furniture toward the ceiling when it isn’t needed, and lower it otherwise. This allows you to double down on the associated space. Folding beds are strategically similar.

hanging chair

2. Mirrors, Pictures, Portraits, Paintings, And Windows

Mirrors double light’s diffusion throughout a room. Pictures, portraits, and paintings act like mental spices which give a room greater “flavor”, and cognitive thinking points which distract the mind from considering the space itself. Instead of focusing on how small a room is, you’re focused on how interesting a picture is, yourself in the mirror, or an artistic painting.

Adorning windows with colored film can additionally give character to a space. Having them open lets a breeze through. You may even install additional windows, if your property will allow it and such a thing is feasible.

3. The Right Cabinetry For The Right Room

At you can find a variety of cabinets. For smaller spaces, RTA cabinets are ideal. RTA stands for Ready-To-Assemble. Pre-assembled furniture is sensible as well, but will be less easy to conform to a small space. Meanwhile, euro-style cabinets have an essentially modern feel, and are Spartan enough they may conserve space, depending on which ones you choose.

4. Carpets, Blankets, And Tapestries

A carpet can protect your floor, and brighten up a space. Additionally it can feel great on your toes, if it’s the right sort of carpet. When it’s worn out, you can either beat the dust out, or simply buy a new one.

Carpets act like the filter in a fish tank. All the detritus in a room settles down into the carpet. If you have one that isn’t attached to the floor, this will make it last longer—provided you clean it regularly.

Blankets on all the furniture can help you control the appearance of your room. Tapestries on the wall bring light to a space, can reflect that light, and can turn a garage into a peaceful psychedelic shrine. Granted, it does tend to speak to a certain time in life, but don’t go overboard and it’ll be stylish.


5. Fully Utilizing Vertical Space

You can turn a bedroom into an entertainment room with a bed that sits up off the floor a good five feet. Depending on how high the roof is in your room, there are multiple areas where you can maximize space in this way. Washers and dryers exist that are stacked one on another, allowing you more space as well. Figure out what solutions like these best fit you.

Small Spaces With Big Spirits

When you’re fully utilizing vertical space, using carpets, blankets, and tapestries, acquiring the right cabinetry, putting up mirrors and other pictures, and hanging furniture which lends itself to such treatment, you’re likely to see even the smallest spaces reveal larger characters. Figure out which of these tips best fit you, and put them to work.