Rustic style in interior design is very popular at the moment as it allows homeowners to create a cozy and warm atmosphere with natural elements. Essentially, rustic design style is characterized by the use of wood as well as other “warmer” elements such as wrought iron hardware. Other elements such as concrete and stone are also used. The whole purpose of rustic style is to create an old-fashion vibe that evokes the nostalgic feeling of the past mixed with the comfort of a cabin. With that in mind, creating a rustic kitchen shouldn’t be an overly complicated task. You may want to keep things sleek and simple or you may want to add an extra flair of rustic charm by involving knots, wide grain and slight imperfections together with carvings and other details.

1. Enjoy the wood

As mentioned, wood is probably one of the main elements that will give your kitchen a rustic look. Pine is the most popular wood in this case, but hickory is the close second. As mentioned, don’t be afraid if the wood has knots because that will make the whole style even more authentic. You can use wood for whatever aspect of the kitchen you like, from flooring to cabinets. Also, the range of shades goes from dark wood to orange so that you can easily create a color palette that suits you. Moreover, exposed wooden beams are also really popular. Of course, even if you don’t have existing beams you can quickly and painlessly install artificial ones. These are usually hollow and made of reclaimed wood.

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2. Go for natural lighting

Rustic style is completely inspired by nature, which is precisely why natural lighting is also in order. So, do your best to make your kitchen as light as possible. If, however, you cannot add more windows, artificial lighting fixtures can be decorated to match the whole style rather effectively. Just look for wooden fixtures and covers. Of course, you can get even more creative than that and explore different possibilities with faux antlers lighting fixtures and similar.

3. Create a warm color palette

Obviously, rustic design style is all about nature, which is why it is only natural for the overall décor and color palette to have the same kind of vibe. There are many ways that you can introduce color into your kitchen, even if it may seem that the whole space will be filled with shades of brown. But, all the colors of autumn together with greens and blues are also perfect for this type of décor. For instance, a great way to spruce up the whole look is to combine wood with other materials such as smooth and polished concrete. This material is relatively affordable, can be easily used for different purposes, it’s very durable and you can pick and choose between various shades and patterns.

4. What about furniture?

As long as your kitchen table is sturdy, strong and solid, you can have fun with the rest of your furniture. You really don’t have to order custom furniture in order to make something look rustic. Actually, it’s very possible that you can find great deals for various furniture pieces at thrift stores and flea markets. Not to mention that you can mix and match your furniture to achieve a chicer rustic or more cabin-like rustic look. Of course, log furniture will always look amazing when this style is concerned, but it’s not an absolute must as long as you can find something that matches the overall style.

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5. Modern appliances are not a problem

Of course that you’ll have to use modern appliances for your rustic kitchen. But, incorporating stainless steel is far from impossible. You can easily use what you already have if you just make sure to add small decorative rustic details around the appliances to warm them up. On the other hand, you may be up for a complete remodel. If that’s the case, you can find appliance manufacturers that offer modern appliances with a retro look, which is absolutely perfect for this style. Together with a farmhouse sink, you can create an amazing rustic kitchen.

Like with every other home design project, it’s important to give yourself some time. You need to carefully think this through and analyze every inch of your kitchen space. Also, do some creative brainstorming to come up with the best possible solutions for your particular room. That way, the whole process will be smooth and quick.