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June 2018

Decorative Concrete Coatings
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Tips to Maintain Decorative Concrete Coatings

Cleaning and maintaining decorative concrete coatings need time and effort and the degree varies with the type of decorative concrete surface you have. Cleaning and maintenance may be simple if you have to deal with only dry leaves and dust, but for chemical or liquid spills you need immediate action with non-abrasive chemical cleaner and a wet mop. The best way to prevent stains is to coat your decorative concrete surface with any commercial grade and good quality floor wax or use floor mats in high traffic areas to prevent scrapes and scuffs.Continue reading

Heated Towel Rails And Ladders
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The Ultimate Guide on Heated Towel Rails And Ladders

There is no doubt that hotels, inns, and homestays prefer to provide customers with fresh, invigorating and cozy towels during their visits. It is a virtue of modern technology that radiators of fire are replaced by heated towel dryers and racks. Heated towel rails and ladders are made with a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum or steel, copper and brass. Polished steel, lacquer as well as chrome plating can be ideal for styling, based on the room setting. It is a great addition to interior home decor options. Interestingly, if heated towel rails and ladders have high energy output, then it is extremely favorable to be used as a small radiator for the entire bathroom! It can work on both hot water and electricity, respectively in the winters and summers.

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How To Decorate Your Kitchen Using Portuguese Tiles
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How to Decorate Your Kitchen Using Portuguese Tiles

Full of style and history, Portuguese tiles have become quite popular in-home decor. These tiles are used to add the vintage touch to your room. These tiles are also known as Azulejo, which is a form of tin-painted ceramic tiles. These tiles are very famous not only in Spain and Portugal but have gained popularity in many other countries.

You can use these tiles for both interior and exterior purposes. These tiles are commonly found in the traditional blue and white color. These tiles are a major component of Portuguese architecture, and sometimes portray the cultural and historical moments in the Portugal history.

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