How to Submit a Guest Post on Home Improvement Blog?

In the present time, lots of home improvement and DIY blogger are running their own blogs and also they write for other’s home design blogs. Every website owner has their own rules and guidelines for guest post submission. Therefore, before start writing for home interior design blog you must follow below tips.


Do Proper Research for Best Relevant Blog

Find the most relevant blog site which will be most effective for your topic which you are going to write. For this you can use various search terms in google:

  • home improvement blogs 2018
  • starting a home improvement blog
  • home improvement blog ideas
  • home improvement blogs
  • diy home improvement bloggers
  • diy house blogs
  • home renovation blogs
  • home improvement “submit guest post”
  • home improvement guest post write for us
  • home improvement + write for us
  • home improvement blog write for us
  • home improvement guest post submission
  • submit * post home improvement
  • home decor tips guest post
  • home improvement sites that accept guest post
  • home interior design guest post
  • home interior design” “write for us”
  • home decor+ “write for us”

After searching with above terms in google you will definitely get a good site according to your need.

Write a High-Quality Content

Once you get a home interior blog according to your requirement follow their guidelines and write the content as they required.

Attractive Title

Always make the title eye-catching and some topics in the description. Your main keyword should be in the title.

Words Limit

650+ words always recommendable by many DIY bloggers.

Don’t Repeat  Your Keywords

If your keyword is Home Improvement Blog then it must not be repeated more than 3-4 times in your 600 words articles.

Anchor Text in Article

Many owners do not accept external link in body but they accept in Author bio section and few of them accept in the article body. So, according to their guidelines, you can deal with them. It is recommendable to add one internal link of their own blog and one high authority site’s link

Genuine Author Bio:

This is highly recommendable if you are a real home improvement blogger. Because sometimes the owner does not accept links in a body at that time you can include a link in the author section.

Use of Images

Always use free images from,, and or use other’s images with their link.

As a Home Interior Design blogger, I always welcome a good writer and contributor for my interior design blog Sara Russell Interiors. You can contact us or mail your home improvement ideas at