Owners of conservatories will already know that they experience a lot of condensation. Condensation can be a frustrating problem for owners and is often caused by leaving the conservatory door closed for long periods of time which causes a lack of ventilation. This causes condensation to build up on the windows.

Condensation is usually more common within the winter months and forms due to water vapour mixing with the room’s temperature and the temperature outdoors. All conservatories are of course built to be water tight, however, it is because of this that they get condensation rather commonly. The main method of getting rid of that annoying condensation in your conservatory is ventilating it. Make sure that your conservatory is warm but also has adequate ventilation within. Although people may question this as the two seem like a contradiction, it actually solves the problem just fine.

You can heat the conservatory in different ways, if you have a radiator in the conservatory then stick with that, if not use an electric heater. This also works well as if gets rid of condensation but also keeps your conservatory warm within the cold winter period. Putting some heat in a conservatory is also good if your conservatory is new as they need to dry out. If you are experiencing condensation with a new conservatory, this is nothing unexpected, new conservatories do tend to get condensation after they are finished.

There are other alternatives such as window vacs, these effectively clean your conservatory windows and remove any remaining water. The best part is that your windows will be left without streaks. All you are required to do is spray your windows every so often using a detergent. You can then wipe it off with a cloth and vacuum any water up on the window. You can also use strips that are specifically designed to stop condensation away from your conservatory. To do this you simply line the inside edges of your conservatories and the strip should then absorb any condensation.