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August 2018

Retractable Awning
in Home Improvement

Tips for Installing a Retractable Awning to Make a Great Home

When it comes to protecting yourself from the sun and getting a comfortable sunshade, retractable awning is an amazing way to make the outdoor spaces of your home livable and enjoyable for everyone, all the time. Rising energy costs and poor access to air conditioning are no bar for a retractable awning as they can be installed and provide adequate comfort however the weather may be.Continue reading

Creating A Modern Home
in Home Improvement

5 Tips For Creating A Modern Home

For the majority of homeowners, their house is their pride and joy. Most homeowners have saved money for many years to purchase a home and make it their own. Arguably one of the most significant and essential factors that go into making a house a home is adapting it to your personal style, while also keeping up with modern design trends. If you aren’t a professional interior design, this can be easier said than done. If you have a desire to keep your house looking and feeling modern, the following tips will help you along the way.

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country kitchen
in Kitchen

5 Decoration Tips for Cozy Rustic Kitchens

Rustic style in interior design is very popular at the moment as it allows homeowners to create a cozy and warm atmosphere with natural elements. Essentially, rustic design style is characterized by the use of wood as well as other “warmer” elements such as wrought iron hardware. Other elements such as concrete and stone are also used. The whole purpose of rustic style is to create an old-fashion vibe that evokes the nostalgic feeling of the past mixed with the comfort of a cabin. With that in mind, creating a rustic kitchen shouldn’t be an overly complicated task. You may want to keep things sleek and simple or you may want to add an extra flair of rustic charm by involving knots, wide grain and slight imperfections together with carvings and other details.

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kitchen design
in Kitchen

10 Top Tips When Designing Your New Kitchen

It is the kitchen which is treated as the heart of your home. It is the place where you spend your most of your time preparing delicious meals and socializing with your family. That’s why it is really important to design your kitchen properly with the help of the best interior Design Service Provider. There are so many factors to take into consideration while thinking about to design your kitchen and it can be a daunting task.Continue reading

Marble Benchtop
in Kitchen

Marble Benchtops: Adding Style & Elegance to Your Home

Marble that was formed millions of years ago becomes a precious stone. It is a metamorphic rock composed of calcium carbonate and it consists of different colour variations due to the impurities found inside the Earth. It is a unique aspect of nature and no two marble slabs can be similar. Every marble slab has veins in it and the more the veins, the better-quality marble it is. These veins occur due to the different mineralogical composition. It is a timeless expression of nature, where the flaws are celebrated.

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Backyard Design
in Gardening, Home Exterior

8 Genius Ways to Update Your Backyard Design

A stunning backyard retreat is one of the hottest and most sought-after features on the design scene. Not only can it boost the value of your property, but it can also truly enrich your home experience and provide you with your own sanctuary. Thus, you should definitely pay more attention to your backyard design and introduce a few changes to create an inspiring outdoor living space. From adding just a few simple details to bringing a touch of luxury, there’s a world of inspiration for a dreamy backyard.

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making nice with neighbours
in Home Exterior

Making Nice with Difficult Neighbours in a Self-Managed Building

You live in your perfect condo – aside from the constant troubles you’re having with the next-door neighbour. Maybe they don’t clean up after their dog, or perhaps there’s a constant, unending stream of weird noises coming through the walls that sounds like it could be three-fourths of a marching band. Normally, you’d just go to your condo’s property management company and have them handle it. The only thing is, you live in a self-managed building, so there’s no one to step in and act as referee. It’s up to you to sort things out and make nice with the folks you share a living space with. Of course, we’re happy to offer a bit of advice to help make things easier.

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wall decor
in Home Interior

8 Ways to Dress Up Your Boring Bare Walls

When it comes to home decor, every room and space needs some special attention. While you don’t want to overdo it, you also don’t want to leave any part of your home forgotten and unloved. One big and important space that needs just the right amount of decor is your walls. Decorated walls work to shape your home decor and shouldn’t be left blank and boring. Continue reading