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Design Your Bedroom and Feel Like 5 Star Hotel

Our bedroom is one of the most likely places in our home as it is the destination of our daily relaxation and to offload our stress and exertion. Here, we enter to take rest after a long day at work. So, a bedroom needs to be designed attractively to boost up your mood of sleep and rest as well. But to decorate the place beautifully, sometimes you may need assistance for the best bedroom furniture sets.Continue reading

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The Material Matters For Look Of Every Wall

The home is nothing less than heaven for the dwellers, and hence they take all possible care to keep it in a beautiful state. There are endless items with the help of which they decorate the home. One can go for the false ceilings and colorful walls with amazing colors. However, over a period one need to face the crumbling of the walls as well as a ceiling when the colors and plaster start falling. Every day one has to see a new area where the wall or ceiling has crumbled. This is a painful situation, and one immediately starts searching some good option to cover the area.Continue reading

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Easy Tips to Keep Your Small Apartment Organized

When you have a small apartment, managing space along with comfort becomes a significant matter. It is important that you keep the space clean and tidy, along with decluttering the stuff of your place.
A majority of the big cities have become overcrowded due to the increasing population. As a result, the apartments have gone smaller, and so, saving space and managing your lifestyle accordingly in the most comfortable way has become vital. It is inevitable for you to manage everything in just the defined space, yet making it look the most stylish and elegant.
There are lots of ways for managing a small apartment space creatively and comfortably. Let us take a look at few of these ways which will help you manage your apartment in the best possible manner.


When you have lots of things in your place, several of them you won’t be using. It is advisable that you should not keep the things you don’t love to use. Remove those pieces that you don’t use anymore. It will make your space free so that you can fill it with your favorite items. Moreover, when you remove the things not used anymore, it will make your space look neat and tidy as you don’t have to clean more things.

Keep your space clean

Make sure you clean your space as you use it. For example, keep your sink clean and vessels in the washer. It will make your sink look spacious and tidy. Keep your things in their place after using them. For example, when you are in the living room, watching television, you like to adjust your throw pillows, or cushions according to your comfort. But, when you are done staying in your living room and move to your bedroom, arrange those pillows/cushions on your sofas. It will help you manage your stuff easily without getting burdened about cleaning altogether.

Don’t shop things you don’t need

It is the most important thing you should keep in mind to manage your small apartment. You should not buy the things you don’t need. It means that you don’t need to waste your money and space on such stuff that is not useful to you in any sense. There is no meaning of buying things just for the sake of liking them or buying them.

Consider smaller furniture pieces with more storage

When you go for buying storage furniture, make sure you get smaller pieces so that they do not occupy more space of your home. Moreover, they should have ample storage space so that you can store lots of things in just one place, and that too conveniently.

Give five minutes to the cleaning

It takes only five minutes to keep away the things that are lying on your sofa. You can put away your shoes in the rack the minute you enter your home. Few things take only around five minutes of yours to clean. It will not only save your time, but you will also feel relaxed by not having the burden of cleaning a heap of things together.

Bring in ceiling fan or an air filter

When you have a ceiling fan, air will get circulated in your space. It will keep the dust away from your small space. Moreover, it will also keep your home ventilated so; you won’t have any suffocation due to lack of air circulation.
Invest in magic eraser
A magic eraser can do wonders in small spaces and can be your best friend in cleaning your space. You can easily clean those stains of tea or coffee and make your surfaces look great in no time. Even these erasers can take off the stains of paint and crayons.

Bring the dead space into use

Try to make the most of those spaces that you don’t usually notice. For example, make the most of the space under your bed. For this, make drawers that are movable under your bed and store your extra clothing or baby clothes in them.

Bring in offsite storage

Apart from having public storage, you can bring in some extra storage in your place. Trunks are the best storage pieces wherein you can store your seasonal clothing or any other stuff. Moreover, you can also bring some baskets that will provide you excellent storage purpose which you can place anywhere you feel convenient.

Make storage where you use the things

Usually, kitchen has lots of drawers and hooks. You can store your small pieces of utensils in these storage areas. Moreover, you can make use of the interior of the doors. For example, you can have hooks in this space and store your different kitchen tools. You can also make good use of the kitchen walls and hook them up with your extra utensils.

Bring in multifunctionality

Make use of multi-functional furniture like a dining table. You can bring such a dining table that has storage in under its surface or just bring a dining table with storage. It will help you store your crockery safely. Likewise, you can also make storage space in your walls and make units to store the stuff.

Buy smaller pieces that you want to look around

It will sound as if you are being insisted on buying small products. But, it is sometimes okay to buy the small things that you want to have in your home. For example, hand soap pretty packaging, or those small items that tempt your attention. You can take a little liberty on space to have few decor pieces that are your favorite.

Purchase smaller versions of appliances

When you want to buy home appliances, try to have their smaller versions. It will definitely give you lesser usage capacity but will save your counter space. You get a wide range of appliances in smaller versions in your budget, adding utility as well as style to your place.

Make creative use of space saving products

You can make the best use of those products that can not only save you space but will also add an element of elegance to your storage. For example, you can make use of those cloth hangers and have a multi-purpose use of them.

Creative bathroom storage

Bring in a storage cabinet for your toiletries and other stuff. Also, you can make a storage for your jewelry and other small accessories on a cork board. You can also creatively make use of the interior of the doors to store your bathroom stuff.

Invest in space saving furniture

Visit home furniture store in LA to have a wide range of options that will give you wonderful space saving furniture pieces for your small home.
When you plan to organize your small apartment space, you don’t need to go expensive. The small tips that we mentioned above will guide you through managing your smaller space and making it look beautiful.
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Ways for Making Home Improvements

Making the investment in the home is everyone’s most essential part of life. When you are going to owning a home, the investment in your home should be in your budget. The home contains rooms, so there is necessary need to apply fresh paints or you may require a wide space for your growing family. While doing the renovation process, always take a comprehensive decision in order to make a fascinating impact on your budget. Always behave like a general contractor while making the home improvements by you or hire a professional contractor to manage the home improvements. Only the house improvements do not make your house complete fully, after spending enough money spend a bit more, to make security arrangements in order to make your house fascinating, beautiful and safe and secure.

Do Own Your Own:

Making improvements own your own ultimately benefits you a lot because you being the owner of a house knows best your limitations of your budget, finally, you will significantly save a handsome amount of money at the end. Doing it yourself automatically prevent the cost of a labor, single room might cost you extra 200 hundred Dollars having the licensed contractor to paint the same room.  So in short paint, more rooms own your own y savings will multiply.
Always stay ready for meeting surprises, sometimes even simple thing reveal unstable surfaces and you may see small cracks and whole in the walls. Therefore, you may need to buy some sort of tools by visiting the hardware additional tools which will have to utilize to fix the walls properly and your expected savings fritter away. Always do remember that when you are making your mind to making some improvements in your house, make some extra room in your budget for unexpected expenditures.
Doing your home improvements own your own with determination and confidence does not make a difference, if you don’t have required tools, leisure time and patience then it would be a tough job to do. In case you have all the require stuff and the expertise as well then you can provide your budget a huge favor. 

Hire a professional contractor:

The big job of making improvements in the house requires several contractors, permits, suppliers and as well as the general professional contractor or project managers. Some of them may charge you a fixed amount and may be some of them demand percentage on material and labor cost. Do some sort of brainstorming about your all rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen and outside walls of your house, make estimates how much it will cost you? Then do bargaining with your professional contractor or with a project manager. Go to visit some sort of online magazines in which you can get the complete information regarding what color you should choose while renovating your house, what sort of tools and material you require to manage the home improvement stuff. Once you have done with the all the information, then it is time to suppliers which will help you out supplying material, go for those who offer you discounts and fresh and solid material.

Writer agreement with the contractor:

House owner should need to focus some important things while hiring a professional contractor, it does not mean that your job is done, having a professional project manager or professional contractor. You need offset budget overruns and make some legal agreements in written form to make sure your contractor bonded and insure. Always keep in mind pay your contractor a third at beginning of a job, a third in the middle of the job and the all rest at the completion of a project of making house improvements and inspected.  When you have made you mind to make improvements in your house own your own or with the help of the professional contractor, you should have skills to manage your budget along with the interest, availability and also with the objectivity. Maybe the right decision benefit you a lot while making improvements but the time you invest in making it may yield you the huge benefit. 

House security:

When you have done with the house improvements the last part of making improvements is the security of your house. Spend a little amount of money to secure your house by fixing alarms with the doors, cameras and safe and solid windows in order to protect your house from bad peoples. Your family also the part of your house, so there is need to protect your house as well as the protection of your kids within the house. Having young children, it is obvious that they must have smartphones. So, being busy parents you can record their surrounding sounds by tracking your kid’s devices. Parents even can track their location if their young kids go outside the house without getting permission by using mobile GPS tracking app.
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Tips You Should Keep In Mind While Choosing a Industrial Furniture in Workplace

If you are redecorating the old office or moving to the new one, then you have to make some plans so that the employees that are working with you feels comfortable and the interiors of the office also looks good to prepare a perfect working environment. To make an office like you dreamed always, you have to select some of the best industrial furniture, which will make your office look like the best place you should be while working. There would be few challenges while you choosing best industrial furniture for your office, here I am going to give some of the tips you should keep in mind while choosing industrial furniture in workplace.

Tips for choosing Industrial Furniture:

Industrial furniture are needed for using while working in your office, it should of good design and comfort so that the employees feels good while working in the office. There are few tips before you go for the perfect furniture for your office, which are as follows.
  • The spacing of your office: The money you should spend for buying industrial furniture depends upon the space available in your office for those things. You also have to think about the strength of employees working there. If you have less number of employees embedded in a small place then you should go for larger tables. And if you are having more employees in a small place then you should go for small tables for all the employees. First you have to be sure about the fact that the furniture you are going to buy fit in the office structure and there must be sufficient space for open drawers and cabinets. There should be enough space for moving freely in the office after setting the industrial furniture.
  • The Furniture should be According to your Needs: If you are running an office it doesn’t mean that you have to go with the regular boring furniture. You also can’t go with the cafe style tables and chair though they are looking beautiful. For buying appropriate furniture for you office you have to keep in mind the kind of work that you are dealing in your office. There should be some extra furniture like book selves, computer stands, storage cabinets etc these will provide you for storing and using of some of the additional stuffs in your office. So, the furniture you are buying should be according to the needs of the work culture.
  • Furniture should be comfortable: Before you should buy the furniture you should keep in mind about the comfort of the employees. These is a high chance that the employees are not satisfied with the furniture you buy for them, so it is very important for you to discuss with the old employees before purchasing anything. It is very important to keep your employees in comfort for the work to runs smoothly. So comfort of your employees and yourself is pretty needed for the good future of your business.
  • The Budget of the Industrial Furniture: The budget is one of the important factors that come in mind when you go for the industrial furniture’s for your office. The design and quality of the furniture fully depend upon the budget you are about to spend. To decide a good budget you have to search for the best deals available online or on the market for purchasing industrial furniture’s. Then after getting all the info settle down on a figure that you will spend on the furniture of your office. You have to keep in mind that this budget could buy you high quality material in low price.
  • Chairs –Main comfort zone of the office: Chairs are the most important part of furniture that is being used in an office. The employee of the office will spent maximum time while sitting on the chair while they are working. So first you have to keep in mind that the chairs you choose should be comfortable and stylish according to the office work culture, so that the employees can work without facing any problem.  You should keep different types of chair for different kind of working personal in the office.
Here in this article I have point out some of the important tips you should think before you buy some industrial furniture for your office. This furniture should be both comfortable and stylish by keeping in mind about the spacing of your office. The budget should be also very important for buying furniture in a large quantity for your office that is the reason you should choose industrial furniture manufacturer because they will charge very less price for making the furniture in bulk quantity. Comment below if you want to add something regarding this above mentioned article.     
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5 Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

Just because you don’t have room to spare in your home or office does not mean you have to forego attractive, modern furniture. Whether your goal is to provide hospitality to your guests with comfortable furnishings or just achieve your interior designing goals, Cromatti has some great options for you. Check out five examples of modern furniture pieces that will likely fit perfectly in your home or office.
Image Credit:
#1. Every household needs a few small tables. When you buy the Croma Nesting Set, you get three tables that you can either put together to form a larger surface or spread throughout your home as needed. When you’re done with the tables, just stack them back together for a simple storage solution that won’t take up much room at all.
#2. The Armavi Table can fit perfectly over your couch or even your bed when you need a surface to eat or work on. You can also tuck your favorite chair or stool right under it. When you are not using the table, you can easily store it in any corner, since it measures no more than two feet in any direction.
#3. If you need a little more space than what the Armavi Table provides, check out the Luciano Table, which is an expansion that has a little more surface space. Whether you use it as a dining table or desk, it is both practical and able to help with your interior designing efforts.
#4. Another option for anyone looking for modern furniture that is easily stored is the Alessio Table. This is a classic piece of furniture that features a clean, minimal design, allowing it to pair well with just about any other piece. In fact, it is ideal for use with our stools, ottomans, and side tables, since there is plenty of room underneath for storing these and other furnishings.
#5. One of the easiest ways to offer hospitality and general comfort to your guests is to place a few ottomans near any couches or chairs you own. When you buy ottomans like the Piccolo or the Piazza, not only do you give guests a place to rest their feet, but you also have some extra seating space for when you have more than a few people over.
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7 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

There are tons of ways you can spruce up your home without draining your bank account. If you’re in the process of updating the overall look of your home and you want that “expensive” feel.
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Here Are Our 7 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank:

  1. Tall Curtains: Full-length curtains are a great way to make your room look bigger than it actually is. If you mount your curtains at the ceiling level, your eyes will be drawn upwards which gives the illusion of a more spacious room. It can also help to add trim or banding on the bottom of your curtain as a way to add a little bit of visual detail and some color.
  2. Large Area Rugs: According to Cheryl Eisen, a New York-based home stager, “The bigger the area rug, the bigger the home will feel.” Adding a large rug to a room, can make the entire room seem larger. Make sure that you have a rug large enough to hold all of your furniture. Area rugs in a neutral palette will make the room look even more expensive.
  3. Extra Crown Molding/ Trim: Adding extra crown molding or trim to a room enhances the overall look of the area. It can make your room look larger than it actually is while adding that expensive looking touch. If your room doesn’t have crown molding, you can easily fake it by painting a white band around the ceiling.
  4. Black Interior Doors: Black always just has that expensive feel and when you paint your interior doors black, it adds a sleek touch. Crisp black paint on the inside of your home adds a sense of sophistication. One of the best parts about this project is that it is very cheap. A can of high quality paint should only cost about $25.
  5. Natural Lighting: If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a lot of sunlight, then enjoy it with some great windows and skylights. Utilizing natural light is a great way to cut back on your electricity bills and energy usage. If you want your homes natural lighting to be the major asset of that room, stick with neutral colored walls and furniture.
  6. Overstuffed Pillows: A new technique used by upholsters is to make throw pillows look extra stuffed. This is done by inserting large pillows into an insert that is smaller than the pillow itself. Full and volumzied throw pillows look expensive, modern, and chic. You can buy throw pillows like this in most stores or you can easily make your own.
  7. Minimalism > Clutter: Clutter can make even the most expensive of homes look cheap but that doesn’t mean you should completely skip out on the little things. Having fresh flowers on your coffee table with a sleek stack of books can give your room that expensive feel. Small touches can really make a room stand out, but be sure not to go overboard.
Do you have any other tips for creating that expensive look in your room without spending too much money? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and feel free to browse our entire home improvement category for more great tips and ideas.
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Quick Tips for Painting Interior Doors

Doorways looking a little drab? Glam ’em up with a little interior paint. The best news? It’s inexpensive to paint interior doors, and you don’t have to be a professional to pull it off.

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Where to Start?

Can it.
Pick-up a can of semi-gloss or glossy paint, and primer if you need it (see below). Doors undergo a lot of abuse, and shinier finishes are more durable and easy to clean. Color choices are nearly limitless, just don’t select your paint based on price alone – you may pay less for a can of paint, but you’ll spend more time applying more coats for coverage.
Stock up.
To paint interior doors, you’ll need a foam mini-roller, a one-inch brush, painters/masking tape, a drop cloth or old cardboard (per door). Read our post thoroughly and note any additional equipment you don’t currently have on-hand. 

Leave it Hanging or Take it Down?

Let it hang if you’re painting by yourself:
  • Or, if you don’t know how to work a screwdriver, or have the strength or space to work on a removed door, this method also lets you paint both sides at once.
  • When you paint an inside door, cover all surfaces including the floor underneath and yourself! Drips and unintended bumps into wet paint can happen easily and this way you won’t ruin your work or your clothing.
  • Tape it up. Grab a roll of masking or painter’s tape and carefully cover all metal components to reduce fix ups and clean up later

Take it down if you’re a perfectionist:

  • You’ll get a better finish using this method.
  • Remove all the parts.
  • Using a screwdriver, take the hinges, knobs and other hardware off the door before painting.
  • Setup your sawhorses and then place your door on them.

Prep Steps 

  • Scrub-a-dub. Remove any dirt or oil that will prevent adhesion when you paint an inside door, and scrape down buildup/uneven edges with a stainless steel scraper.
  • Smooth things over. Fill in holes or scratches with drywall putty, then sand as necessary to ensure a smooth, polished finish.
  • To prime or not to prime? Bare or stained wood should be primed, as should dark paint colors you’re trying to cover with lighter shades.

Practice Proper Paint Procedures

  • Always go in the direction of the grain – never against – for professional results.
  • For flat doors, start at one end and work your way down, chasing wet edges. Paint edges last. Beware of bubbles and inconsistent textures, which you can smooth with your brush.
  • For paneled doors, start at the top, with the first set of two panels, beginning with the recessed part that looks like the frame of the picture. After painting each frame, use your roller to apply paint to the centerpiece (where the photo would go, if it were a picture), smoothing out blobs. Move on to the set below, and so-on until panels are complete. Next paint the vertical centerpiece, then horizontal, followed by the perimeter of the door. Paint the other side in a similar manner. Lastly, paint the edge. Check for and smooth drips, let dry 30 minutes, then repeat.
  • Now… wait! We know you want to finish this task, but let the paint dry for at least two days before reinstalling and/or closing doors (especially in humid conditions).
Painting interior doors somehow leave you with a mess or don’t want to tackle this task on your own? Mr. Handyman can help.
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6 Ways to Boost Your Home Value to Sell in Spring

Are you planning to sell your house this spring? If yes, we have some smart moves that can help you boost the value of your house. Spring buyers are more likely to pay full price for your property with tax refund checks in the bank, so take advantage of the season’s hot marketplace.

Front Yard

Here are six easy ways for you to instantly boost your home value in preparation to sell.

1. Yard

Starting from elegant paver walkways to ading vibrant colors to your planters, you can take simple steps to instantly brighten up your front yard. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to spruce up your front yard and it adds curb appeal. Be sure to invest in an edger to keep things nive and clean. Although a book should never be judged by its cover, when selling your home, first impressions make all the difference. So, take the first step in making a great impression by tending to your front yard, and at the same time, it will help your house stand out in your neighborhood.

2. Insulation

Attic insulation helps make your home comfortable, and without proper insulation, 30% of warn air produce by your heating system can escape through windows. Insulating your attic is not only inexpensive, but is also relatively easy and does not consume too much time. In addition, re-caulking your window and doors can also help you save money and you’ll only have to sacrifice a weekend.

3. Lighten Up

Although many people love a dark and cozy bedroom, nobody likes a dank and heavy living space, especially if you are looking to keep up your home’s value. You can install recessed lighting inexpensively in your kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms to brighten up your house. Also, install a dimmer switch to help control the mood and ambiance in your home.

4. Pipes

Are your pipelines are old and rusty? Does your drinking water have enough metals to form a small periodic table? If yes, then its time to replace them with new plumbing lines. Plumbing work in your house has a huge impact on your overall house value and appraisers give a heavy consideration for houses with proper plumbing systems while assessing the value of the house.

The process is no longer like it was back in the days where it required walls to be torn up, making a huge mess and headache. Today, replacement of pipes are done with PEX plastic tubing that is reliable and is like an extension cord running through your walls. This makes less holes in your walls and a lot less tension for you.

5. Popcorn Ceiling

These textured ceilings are no longer common practice in newer homes, but if you have an older home, you may have a case of popcorn ceilings. It’s best to have your popcorn ceiling removed because it outdates a home and lowers your home’s value. To replace popcorn ceilings, you need to take proper precautions, or hire a professional to take care of it for you. The good news is that the entire ceiling does not need to be replaced, just the texturing.

6. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas in a home. If you’re going to choose one room to invest most in, it should be the kitchen. You don’t have to do an entire overhaul. Instead, small upgrades to appliances, or installing new tiles, countertops or refinishing cabinet doors can give your kitchen a valuable facelift.
Have these tips inspired you to spruce up your home? Want to save time and have a professional help you? Use our instant estimate tool to get a price in seconds and find certified professional in your area. Get a price. Get a pro. Get it done.

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What Upgrades are Best to Make with a Builder?

If you’re building your own home with a builder, you’ll typically have the option to choose and invest in upgrades like higher quality floors, appliances, and electrical options. Builders often have a dizzying array of options to choose from, and it can be tough to know which ones are a good idea and a smart investment.

In general, it’s best to focus on enduring investments like better insulation, higher quality construction, or more square footage. You should also focus on items that can’t be changed easily, like plumbing, electricity, and floor plans, for example. Other smart ideas are upgrades that will improve your quality of life or enjoyment of the home, like radiant heating floors, extra large closets, or task lighting.

We’ve highlighted some of the smartest upgrades you can make with your builder, ranging from structural changes to electrical outlets. Plus, we’ve included average national pricing for these projects so that you can compare their cost of taking them on later after building is complete.

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Major Builder Upgrades

  • Home lot: One thing you really can’t change once you’ve built your home is the lot where it’s located. It’s practically impossible to move your home to a better area in the neighborhood or to a larger lot later. If you’re considering this upgrade, know that this is your one and only chance to take it!
  • Structural changes: An extra bathroom, back porch, larger closets, extra garage area, or raised ceilings are all difficult and much more expensive to add once construction on your home is completed. Cost to build an addition: $35,000.

Kitchen Builder Upgrades

  • Extra large or additional cabinets: Give yourself some extra storage with extra large or additional cabinets, or cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. This is an upgrade that buyers are often willing to pay more for. Cost to install new cabinets: $4,000.
  • Upgraded cabinet and drawer hardware: Opening and closing drawers and cabinets day after day for decades can really take a toll on your kitchen. Soft close hinges and premium drawer slides can keep your cabinets and drawers in good shape for years to come. Cost to repair cabinets: $252.
  • Large center island: As the entertaining hub of your home, it makes sense to add more counter space, storage, and even an eating area with a large center island.
  • Stainless appliances: Make your kitchen shine bright and improve your resale value with stainless appliances including an oven, stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Cost to refinish an appliance: $275.
  • Add task lighting: Undercounter lighting and lighted cabinet interiors can make it easier and safer to work in your kitchen, plus add a nice look to your cooking area. These are often difficult to install after your kitchen is constructed. Cost to install a light fixture: $375/each.
  • Stone countertops: Some builders are including granite, quartz, and other countertops as a standard, while others offer them as an upgrade. Most home buyers are looking for more than laminate, and as a home owner, you’ll get more use out of a sturdy stone countertop that will stand the test of time. Cost to install a countertop: $2,901
  • Trash and recycling drawers: Make waste more convenient in your home with a trash compactor and a recycling drawer. You’ll spend less time having to run out to the garage or backyard with trash bags, plus, help conserve space and the environment.

Bathroom Builder Upgrades

  • Extra large cabinets: Just like in the kitchen, the bathroom is a great place to consider investing in additional storage. Cost to install new cabinets: $4,000.
  • Radiant floor heating: Keep your bathroom (and feet) warm with radiant floor heating installed by the builder. This is tough to do later unless you’re getting new floors installed at the same time. Cost to install a radiant heating system: $3,800
  • Upgraded tile: Whether it’s on the floor or in the shower, tile often stands the test of time, making this a good area to splurge on quality materials. Cost to install natural stone tile: $1,400
  • Separate shower: If you’re thinking about installing a separate shower, or even foregoing a tub and getting a shower instead, now is the time to decide so that you can have the right connections and save on installation. Cost to install a shower: $2,500

Exterior Builder Upgrades

  • Brick or stone exterior: If your home comes with siding, but you’d rather have brick or stone, you should probably go ahead and choose the upgraded exterior when you’re building. It’s often difficult and expensive to upgrade exterior materials later. Cost to install a brick, stone, or block wall: $4,500/each
  • Upgraded front door: Want your front door to stand out? Do it now. It costs significantly more later. Cost to install a door: $800
  • Hurricane shutters: If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes and other storms, it might be a smart idea to have the builder install them for you. Cost to install shutters: $1,400

Convenience & Custom Look Builder Upgrades

  • Custom mud room or drop zone: If you don’t have a designated mud room or area to drop backpacks, mail, shoes, and other items near your home’s entrance or garage consider getting one from the builder. It will be difficult to add something like this later.
  • Skylights: Skylights can add natural light to your home, and it’s best to have the builder do it as these are tough to add later — and you want the builder’s guarantee just in case of leaks. Cost in install a skylight: $1,400
  • Extra windows: Another way to add lots of natural light to your home is with builder upgraded extra windows. They can even help you save on your energy bills if you don’t have to turn on your lights. Cost to install a window: $4,500
  • Flooring: One of the most popular upgrades, flooring is something you’ll see throughout your home, and it makes a big impact. And while this is often cheaper to do later, it can be a big hassle to take care of once your furniture and other items are moved in. Plus, investing in flooring often pays off for future buyers.

Plumbing & Electrical Builder Upgrades

  • Extra outlets: Consider adding extra outlets in the pantry, kitchen desk areas, or even outside. You can install extra outdoor outlets including a Christmas light outlet with a dedicated light switch inside. Also consider light switches for outlets where you may use lamps. Cost to install an outlet: $175/each
  • Wiring for surround sound or connectivity: Wiring is typically difficult to install later, as it usually requires opening up walls. This is much easier to do before you have walls whether you plan to have surround sound, extra connectivity wiring, or more. Cost to install electrical wiring or panel: $1,300
  • Extra ceiling fans: Rooms just feel nicer with a ceiling fan, and it’s easy to add when you’re building. Cost to install a ceiling fan: $200
  • Efficient lighting: Consider energy efficient lighting, such as LEDs, instead of the builder to save money and energy. Cost to install a lighting fixture: $375
  • Fireplace or extra fireplaces: This is another project that is simply much easier to do when you’re building than as a DIY later, so if you think you want them, get started on a fireplace with your builder. Cost to install a fireplace or woodstove: $1,450
  • Rough in connections: Think you might want to finish out your basement or even your attic? It’s a good idea to get rough in plumbing to the area when you’re building so it will be easier to finish out later. Cost to install new plumbing pipes: $1,100
  • Outdoor natural gas line: Fire up your natural gas grill with a gas line instead of propane tanks for convenience. Cost to install or repair a gas pipe: $400

Energy Saving Builder Upgrades

  • Tankless water heater: More energy efficient and offering faster access to hot water, a tankless water heater is usually worth it. Cost to install a tankless water heater: $1,000
  • Double paned windows: Double paned windows can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cost to install windows: $4,500
  • Higher rated insulation: Another good way to boost your home’s temperature retention is with better insulation. Ask for a higher rating of insulation than what’s standard. Cost to install blown in insulation: $1,200
  • High efficiency air conditioner: A high efficiency air conditioner can keep your home cooler in the summer and save you potentially hundreds or thousands in energy bills over the life of the unit. Cost to install an air conditioning unit: $5,000

Building a home is an exciting journey, but advanced planning can help avoid costly repairs and replacements. If you’re an independent contractor looking to expand your business without spending additional money in advertising, apply to be a Choice Home Warranty vendor today.
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